4 weeks since the  beginning of the war

“If you are not interested in politics, be sure that it is interested in you and will come to your house with troubles.”

 Natalia Ivannikova (Ukrainian mom, with her children and dog now in Germany).

4 weeks have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

It is believed that a person gets used to everything.

But you can’t get used to war. 

I have never associated myself with the word “depression”. I don’t want to use it even now.

But the situation has changed all of us. I don’t cry 24/7 (a little bit less), I try not to argue with my friends and relatives (about the causes of the war), I live my almost usual life, but I  don’t pretend that nothing is happening.

Since the beginning of the war I have started following a few new telegram and YouTube channels. There, brave Russian and Ukrainian  journalists talk to politicians , other journalists, and economists about the situation around the war. I really want to hear their predictions about when the war will end. I learned a lot about president Putin. And how he became  president.

But I think that if I still lived in Russia, I would be interested to know about it, or I would have the same opinion (opinion imposed by television) as many Russians.

My niece (the oldest one) asked me if I was planning to go to Russia. What? First I thought she was kidding. But it turned out that she was worried about me and wanted me to come back home. 

What? I was surprised again. I don’t even have a home in Russia (thanks to the Russian Housing Law), and why would I go there now?

It’s all about what people see on TV.

For example,

My sister “found out” that Americans are going to give up their vehicles and start using bicycles – it’s funny to hear.

Stores in European countries are running out of food (the shelves at the stores are empty) – it’s hard to believe.

Food prices are rising in the US – I agree, but it’s been happening since I came here.

In fact, the telegram channel “All about Germany” posted a video: Russians in Rostov stood in line for sugar for an hour. My friend told me that in Tomsk, sugar disappeared from the shelves in some stores. However my sister managed to buy a bag of sugar. She still doesn’t understand that later it will be more expensive, and she should buy more.

Activists of the All-Russian People ‘s Fund reported that food prices in Tomsk have doubled since the beginning of 2022 (information from the Tomsk 1604 telegram channel). 

At the same time, citizens will not earn more money. My brother-in-law has already announced that his salary will be 500 rubles less every month. Do you know why? Supplies for production have become more expensive at the factory where he works.- Very clever move on the part of the administration!

The factories producing milk and juices are running out of cardboard packaging.

Schools and offices received recommendations to save paper and cartridges…

Every single day the list of sanctions against Russia, Russian oligarchs, politicians,  organizations increases. 

Who will pay for this? Of course, Russian people. Citizens who don’t know the truth. They support their country and the president because of all the disinformation they have learned. 

In order to keep people misinformed the government blocked FB and Instagram.

The same thing can happen with YouTube. 

Instead, The Fair Russia Party has launched a website where it offers to report enemies and traitors. It seems that Russia has returned in time to the Stalinist regime of 1937.

The word “war” is prohibited. The protests are prohibited. Any information about the war and criticism of the government – 15 years in prison.

Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian journalist who broke into the airwaves of her own network in protest against the war in Ukraine, has been declared an English spy.- I hope the UK knows about that. 

A few days ago, President Putin gave a speech in which he called all Russian people who live abroad traitors. 


Right now I live my almost usual life, but I can’t pretend that nothing happened. 

I don’t want to say “depressed” about myself, but I’m not in the mood. 

I don’t want to read, instead I watch Youtube videos about the situation in Ukraine. 

I don’t want to bake. 

I don’t want to contact my Russian friends, moreover, I don’t want to speak with a Russian accent. 

I force myself to create pins for my Pinterest account to keep my brain busy. And I knit and crochet. 

A few months ago, I reopened my Etsy shop. I am going to donate money from sales to Ukrainians, if/when I sell something. 

My friend Ingrid (from Kryvyi Rih) gave me a link where I can donate money. I haven’t done it yet, but I will. I feel like I should do something. But I don’t know what exactly.  

There is an expression: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear…


Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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