… about the husband

When people ask me why I live in America, I answer: because my husband is an American.

When people ask why exactly Daniel became my husband, I answer: we have the same goal-to make me happy.

Even though I don’t believe in absolute happiness, Daniel and I are working hard on it.

So: why I love my husband:

Because he loves me. He calls me my beautiful wife, and I believe him.

He is genuinely interested in my opinion, my pre-American past, and respects my point of view.

We can talk about everything. 

He shows his feelings and emotions. He dearly loves our dog.

Daniel with Crackle … or Crackle with Daniel

He doesn’t forget my friends and family members, and he knows them by name.

He doesn’t lie to me. 

He is always interested in how my day was. He tells “thank you” for everything I do, he apologises if he isn’t right. 

I’m reading, he is correcting

He understands me with half a word, half a glance. When I feel bad or scared, he will listen to me and support me.

He likes me to laugh and enjoy life.

When I make snowmen he always joins me (if he is at home).

He is more proud of my success than of his own. He admires my skills, creativity, and restlessness. He likes everything I do.

With him I can be myself.

He likes me being independent, with him I learn something new constantly.

He gave me freedom of choice and freedom of movement.

He didn’t marry to get a cook and a housewife. And I didn’t get married to get a personal driver. We’re a team.

However,  Daniel has his drawbacks: he doesn’t like Okroshka* and Herring under a fur coat**. He hasn’t started learning Russian yet, and I want to watch classic Soviet/Russian comedies with him. 

Happy wedding anniversary to us!

*Okroshka – Russian cold summer soup.

**Herring under a fur coat – Russian fish salad.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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