American chronicles, August

pre-hurricane chronicles

Sunday (8/15).

We were returning from grocery shopping. I noticed that the sticker on the windshield had the number 7. I showed it to Daniel.

-This is your inspection sticker, you missed it! – he responded


I just started worrying about changing the oil and even made an appointment at the garage. And here we go – the inspection sticker. Who knew that I should do it every year.

Daniel already got used to me taking care of my car. I’m the one who needs rain guards and new tires. I’m the one who vacuums the inside and polishes the body. I’m the one who hears all sorts of annoying sounds. I bought a special cover (for the back seat) for Crackle and sew covers for the headrests. I’m the one who gets nervous when there’s half a tank of gasoline in the car and the low-pressure light in the tires lights up.

In general, Dan thought that I stay on top of my car-business, and I thought that he did.

Sunday (8/15).

As soon as I put groceries in the fridge, I rushed to the nearest garage. I passed an inspection there last year, when half of the inspection places were closed due to the pandemic.

Last year’s mechanic took pity on my situation and signed me up for Monday at 7: 30 am (before the garage opens).

I seemed to calm down.

I calmed down, but my brain – no. At night I had nightmares: some female mechanic could not change the oil in my car….and so she was indignant about the inspection.

Monday (8/16).

At work, with a new sticker on the windshield, I heard from a colleague that the police can tow a car with an overdue inspection sticker.

Wow! Good thing, I didn’t know that on Sunday.

Thursday (8/19).

I changed the oil in the morning. For the first time I saw my car from below. I asked questions to the mechanic. Bob showed me a way to clean the headlights from yellow plaque. Of course, this has nothing to do with how my son Eugene solves this problem on plastic headlights. But I’ll try it on the weekend anyway.

Friday (8/20).

We are preparing for a hurricane. Daniel says, you’ve never seen anything like this before. He says that all the tomato plants will be lying down, the sunflowers will be broken. And most of all, he is worried about the neighbor’s trees and fences.

I bought groceries. Now we are making ice to preserve these groceries, if we suddenly lose power.  

Dan checks the saw, in case he has to cut trees.

Hurricane Henri is expected to be as strong as Hurricane Bob in 1991. Then Dan’s family summer cottage was carried away from the shore…. onto the street.


Let’s see what the weekend brings us.

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