Announcement of evening notes

Once upon a time in another life (in another country and with another husband) I watched the TV series “Sex and the City”.

For some reason, I remember the moment when Carrie Bradshaw, sitting in her New York apartment in the evening, types an article on her computer, then closes her laptop and goes to bed.

Of course, we know that she was a columnist in some fashion magazine, and her articles were about relationships and sex. She had plenty of ideas for the topics from personal experience, her own and her friends.  

I also periodically have a desire to write short posts in the evenings.

But WHO am I and WHO is Carrie?

She’s a fashion columnist. And I’m a blogger with no illusions about my writing abilities. By the law of the genre, I have to write something interesting for my subscribers, something that they would like to read about. Unfortunately, I never learned this skill. On the other hand, what could be interesting in the life of a working simple middle-aged woman?

Therefore, I will write #evening notes for “the desk drawer”*, meaning I will publish them, but without an announcement for subscribers. It will only apply to #evening notes. 

*Soviet writers “wrote to the table” or for “the desk drawer”, knowing that censorship would not let them be published, but they could not not write.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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