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“My beautiful hairdresser”, Daniel called me when I took out the haircut machine. I would prefer that his hairdresser was professional. But in the era of Covid, it will probably safier to get a haircut at home.

So, Covid News…

In both countries, organizations attempt to oblige employees to be vaccinated against covid-19.

As of July 28, 60 people in Tomsk appealed to the office of the regional Commissioner for Human Rights with complaints from Tomsk residents that employers force them to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but they do it orally, no documented facts have yet been revealed. The official authorities explained that employers do not have the right to threaten dismissal or non-payment of sick leave if an employee becomes ill with covid.

The number of new covid cases in Bristol County (New Bedford and its suburbs) is increasing. I found data that 61 new cases of the disease were detected on August 4.

In the Tomsk region, since July 16, the number of infected people per day exceeds 100 people.

Considering that there are more people living in the Tomsk region than in the Bristol district, the difference is not big at all.

According to the New Bedford guide, Mayor Jon Mitchell has announced that the City of New Bedford will require COVID-19 vaccinations of city government employees. Municipal employees who choose not to be vaccinated may choose instead to be tested regularly for COVID.

I just didn’t see any information about the “regularly” – how often is it?

Starting from Friday, city workers must work wearing masks, again.

As for me personally, I almost never took off my mask at work.

In the Tomsk region, Governor Zhvachkin extended the mandatory mask regime in public transport, shops, shopping centers and other closed public areas, as well as the requirement to disinfect hands. In addition, the regime of self-isolation for people from the risk group is maintained.

 In one of the previous Tomsk news I wrote about what was going to change in the country from June 1. The Russian government was going to lift grocery’s price increase ban. Now it’s a turn for increasing utility tariffs, at least in Tomsk.

what changed from the first of July

-The Russian system of utility tariffs is very different and complex. So I’ll just tell you about the percentage increase that will happen. And, of course, people’s salaries will remain the same.

Tariffs for heat in the region will increase by 6% on average.

The electricity tariff for residents that use  electric stoves will increase by 6.6%, and for residents of houses with gas stoves and residents of rural areas by 5.2%.

The tariff for hot water supply will increase by an average of 6.5%.

The tariff for garbage collection will also increase – by 2%.

-Pregnant women and single parents whose official income does not reach the subsistence minimum in the region (in the Tomsk Region it is 12,218 rubles per person per month) will get additional benefits. But first you have to prove your financial difficulties by spending a lot of time in the lines (to collect necessary paperwork). 

The payment of the benefit is scheduled for a year, after which a re-assessment of the welfare of the recipient’s family will be carried out.

-Apps with a Russian accent – I found it interesting

Since July 1, manufacturers of all electronic gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops, SmartTV, etc.) are required to pre-install domestic applications from the recommended list in them by default. In addition, a domestic search engine should be installed in the browser of smartphones and tablets.

-From now on, state and municipal officials, military personnel, the FSB, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the military prosecutor’s office, police officers, firefighters, employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service, diplomats, employees of the Accounting Chamber and the Central Bank, governors and deputies of regional legislative assemblies are prohibited from having a second citizenship and residence permit in foreign countries.

-Since July 1, tobacco products in stores can not cost less than 107.78 rubles. From the same date, unmarked alternative tobacco (cigars, smoking tobacco, hookah tobacco, etc.) should disappear from sale. This is how the authorities are fighting against illegal products

Since excise taxes on tobacco products increased by 20% in 2021, on average, a pack of cigarettes will rise in price from 120 to 140 rubles.

Another news…

-Emergency aircraft landing in the Tomsk region

A passenger plane (AN-28) on its way from Kedrovy to Tomsk disappeared from radar on Friday evening (July 16). Later it turned out that it made an emergency landing, because two enginned failed at an-28 aircraft. 

 The engines failed at an altitude of 2,450 meters. After leaving clouds the pilots tried to start engines again but the launch failed. 

The marshy area in the Tomsk region helped to soften the blow and thereby save the lives of all passengers;

After a hard landing, the evacuation of people began. Most of the passengers left the plane through the commander’s door. Passenger Roman and crew member Nikita were able to open the main hatch for the exit. The rest of the passengers left the plane through this hatch.

The last person to leave the plane was pilot Pritkov. It was only later that he realized that he had broken his leg during a hard landing.

There were 18 people on board, including four children. All passengers and crew members are alive. 12 people flew to the regional center by helicopter, six more preferred to leave by minibus.

-On Sunday(August 8), the girl got stuck in a tree at the height of 25 meters near the Golovino airfield near Tomsk: she was jumping with a parachute, and a sudden gust of wind carried her to the forest; rescuers safely removed the girl from the tree, according to deputy head of the Tomsk Search and Rescue Service (PSS) Vladlen Kuzmenchuk.

As for us personally… 

The factory where my husband works is trying to make up for lost time during the strike. Daniel has to work 6 days a week. Thus, he has to delay all the projects around the house. He barely has time to move the grass and cut the branches. 

Here is a video of how our yard debris was picked up last Friday. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a barrel in the middle of a driveway. 

Our lifestyle is like the Russian joke about marriage life: I work, my husband works, in the evening we have dinner…together.

Our gardens are doing fine. Cucumbers and tomatoes grow. And beets too. BTW, I made a video of my way of pickling the beets

Almost all our flowers are pink this year. Daniel is a little bit upset about that. The yard (back and front) doesn’t look spectacular this summer. 

Sometimes, by the end of a post I share my opinion of a book I read at the time. Right now I have a couple of them on youtube (subject). But I am thinking of reading a book called Fried green tomatoes. On the internet I found two quotes from the book. 

“If there is such a thing as complete happiness, it is knowing that you are in the right place.” 

“I’m too young to be old and too old to be young. I just don’t fit anywhere.”

Which one do you like more?

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