Nowadays silent cinema

I remember two years ago I came home from work and found my husband watching TV. I sat down next to him for a minute… on TV, Tom Cruise was speaking Spanish. At first I thought it was a scene in the movie. Then I realized that the whole movie was in Spanish. And nevertheless  Daniel was  sitting  and watching.

FYI, my husband is from a family of French Canadians, he speaks English and some French. But he doesn’t know Spanish from the word AT ALL.

This situation could have two explanations: 1) my husband was so tired that …well, very tired; 2) the film was so Action, it’s just enough to watch.

Why am I writing this…

We watched a John Wick movie in the evening. In the scenes where guys were supposed to speak Russian, I read the subtitles, because I didn’t understand their Russian at all. So I remembered the case of Tom Cruise in Spanish… 

There are movies where words are not needed. 

What kind of movies do you prefer?

Protect drivers from squirrels!

How do you feel about the idea of creating a society to protect drivers from squirrels? And it must be serious: for a chaotic run in front of an approaching car, give the squirrels a fine and a prison sentence.

Imagine me driving to work in the morning, following the speed limit. My purse was on the front passenger seat, and my pot of tomatoes was on the floor. I was driving slowly, residential area, 30 mph.

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A wife and her hammer

It’s good that my husband’s Russian wife can handle a hammer. But it’s even better when she knows what the word “hammer” means.

During our first summer together, Daniel, out of work, decided to renovate the house. He wanted to strengthen some boards in the basement.  And I was supposed to help him.

As he climbed up and down the ladder I was wandering around. At one point, he asked me to hand him the hammer. I was giving him one by one all the tools that he had prepared for this project. Of course, the hammer was the last. But since then I have known the meaning of the word.  

However, there’s a little misunderstanding. I still cannot pronounce correctly a hammer and a hummer. So when I talk to you, please, pay attention to the context.

Lost in Boston

I was walking around Boston yesterday and I thought it was all Dan’s “fault”. He awakened the frog-traveler in me. And now I periodically need to go somewhere.  My mother used to say, ” the Domovoy (literally “Household Lord”) doesn’t like you.”

I love Boston. I go there most often spontaneously and therefore alone. It’s great when there is no specific reason, when you just get on the bus, arrive somewhere, walk in a crowd of people and pretend to be a tourist, and then return home.

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Happy Epiphany!

Epiphany, or Baptism – one of the main Orthodox holidays-is celebrated on January 19. The holiday begins on the evening of January 18, when all Orthodox celebrate Epiphany Christmas Eve. Christmas holidays end on January 19.

The feast of the Epiphany is one of the most ancient holidays of the Christian Church, established in the time of the apostles.

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Miracle knitter’s list

My Mom taught me to finish what I started doing ( reading a book, knitting a scarf, etc.). Over the years, I’ve learned to stop reading uninteresting books. But knitting is a different story. Sometimes the knitting process takes me forever and /or reminds me of running around in circles. From time to time, I decide not to buy any new yarn and knitting magazines. However, I have friends. They are so kind to me that they supply me with this material. And my struggle continues…

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Crackle is Lianka’s dog

Who would have thought that a dog would be writing a blog. Yet, here I am.

Crackle is my name and just to tell you that I have a great life. Although it wasn’t always that way. You see, I’m a rescue dog. I’m six now, but I was adopted 4 years ago. And since than I haven’t look back.

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