Don’t bake like me

I baked a cake on Sunday. The weather was inviting, rainy and damp, though warm.

In rainy weather, I want to read, with a cup of tea and a piece of cake or at least a pie.

The choice fell on the Zebra cake. I have loved it since childhood for its simplicity and unsweetened taste. 

You need to mix all the ingredients. Divide the dough into two parts. Add cocoa powder in one of them. Then pour the white and black dough, alternating, into a baking dish. This will give the cake a nice marble look. 

There are two disadvantages in my recipe: there is little sugar and all the ingredients are measured in “faceted glass”.

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Mice and rabbits

or who/what lives in your garden?

-Where are you going?- Daniel asked as I struggled with a jacket over my hoodie.

-Feed the rabbits, – I replied.

And indeed, where can you go wearing home- fleece- sweatpants, hoodies with a hood on your head and a thin jacket in sub-zero weather and without makeup?

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Birthday, train, Boston

“Nothing is more exhausting than waiting for a train, especially when you’re lying on the rails”. Don Aminado

I was sitting on the asphalt and installing an app on my phone to pay for parking in Middleboro / Lakeville.

It all started when Daniel agreed to come to Boston with me.

Heading Boston
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Asian woman with green eyes

“Look!”, I point at the TV, “I want that red hair. It’ll match my green eyes”.

“Your eyes aren’t green,” Daniel said quickly.

And we started to laugh.

The color of my eyes is our old disagreement.

I think my eyes are green, but Dan says they’re gray. And both statements are true.

My eyes change color depending on my clothes.

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The first photo in 2021

Do you take a plastic bag with you for a walk? I got into the habit.

Today was a day of typical New England weather. It was drizzling in the morning. In the afternoon, the sun suddenly came out. 


I decided to take a nice long fat-burning walk to the park. Where I planned to take my first photo in 2021.

My husband would also be happy to see the sun if he didn’t have to go to work. 

But he asked to take our dog, his “good boy,” for a walk. I couldn’t say no.

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Ukrainian borscht and American husband

One day in St. Petersburg*, Daniel and I went to a restaurant called “Teplo”. The restaurant was located in the basement of the building across the street from our hotel. It was probably some “fancy” restaurant, we could only get there by reserving a table by phone.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

To be honest, I don’t remember the details of the interior, but it was somehow crowded, a lot of tables, a lot of people, a lot of waiters scurrying back and forth.

I was completely unaccustomed to restaurants, and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I wanted to have dinner and leave as soon as possible.

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Nowadays silent cinema

I remember two years ago I came home from work and found my husband watching TV. I sat down next to him for a minute… on TV, Tom Cruise was speaking Spanish. At first I thought it was a scene in the movie. Then I realized that the whole movie was in Spanish. And nevertheless  Daniel was  sitting  and watching.

FYI, my husband is from a family of French Canadians, he speaks English and some French. But he doesn’t know Spanish from the word AT ALL.

This situation could have two explanations: 1) my husband was so tired that …well, very tired; 2) the film was so Action, it’s just enough to watch.

Why am I writing this…

We watched a John Wick movie in the evening. In the scenes where guys were supposed to speak Russian, I read the subtitles, because I didn’t understand their Russian at all. So I remembered the case of Tom Cruise in Spanish… 

There are movies where words are not needed. 

What kind of movies do you prefer?

Protect drivers from squirrels!

How do you feel about the idea of creating a society to protect drivers from squirrels? And it must be serious: for a chaotic run in front of an approaching car, give the squirrels a fine and a prison sentence.

Imagine me driving to work in the morning, following the speed limit. My purse was on the front passenger seat, and my pot of tomatoes was on the floor. I was driving slowly, residential area, 30 mph.

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A wife and her hammer

It’s good that my husband’s Russian wife can handle a hammer. But it’s even better when she knows what the word “hammer” means.

During our first summer together, Daniel, out of work, decided to renovate the house. He wanted to strengthen some boards in the basement.  And I was supposed to help him.

As he climbed up and down the ladder I was wandering around. At one point, he asked me to hand him the hammer. I was giving him one by one all the tools that he had prepared for this project. Of course, the hammer was the last. But since then I have known the meaning of the word.  

However, there’s a little misunderstanding. I still cannot pronounce correctly a hammer and a hummer. So when I talk to you, please, pay attention to the context.