Crackle is Lianka’s dog

Who would have thought that a dog would be writing a blog. Yet, here I am.

Crackle is my name and just to tell you that I have a great life. Although it wasn’t always that way. You see, I’m a rescue dog. I’m six now, but I was adopted 4 years ago. And since than I haven’t look back.

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Pizzelles and my travel experience

Time to time I bake pizzelles. Pizzelles are traditional Italian waffle cookies, as Google says.

I like them. They are easy to make, remind me Russian waffles and go very well with coffee at work.

Every time when I think of them, I remember a funny story happened to me.

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My funny story about dealerships

Yesterday I went to change the oil in my car and also to get a new inspection sticker. Usually I go to the dealer where we bought my car. It is more expensive but my husband wants to keep me on the safe side. 

I remembered my first time there. It was when I didn’t drive yet. Daniel needed to get some service there I don’t remember what it was. Daniel dropped my off at a shopping plaza near the dealer place. I went to a few stores just browsing . When I became bored I decided to join my husband.

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