Lost in Boston

I was walking around Boston yesterday and I thought it was all Dan’s “fault”. He awakened the frog-traveler in me. And now I periodically need to go somewhere.  My mother used to say, ” the Domovoy (literally “Household Lord”) doesn’t like you.”

I love Boston. I go there most often spontaneously and therefore alone. It’s great when there is no specific reason, when you just get on the bus, arrive somewhere, walk in a crowd of people and pretend to be a tourist, and then return home.

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Happy Epiphany!

Epiphany, or Baptism – one of the main Orthodox holidays-is celebrated on January 19. The holiday begins on the evening of January 18, when all Orthodox celebrate Epiphany Christmas Eve. Christmas holidays end on January 19.

The feast of the Epiphany is one of the most ancient holidays of the Christian Church, established in the time of the apostles.

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Miracle knitter’s list

My Mom taught me to finish what I started doing ( reading a book, knitting a scarf, etc.). Over the years, I’ve learned to stop reading uninteresting books. But knitting is a different story. Sometimes the knitting process takes me forever and /or reminds me of running around in circles. From time to time, I decide not to buy any new yarn and knitting magazines. However, I have friends. They are so kind to me that they supply me with this material. And my struggle continues…

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Crackle is Lianka’s dog

Who would have thought that a dog would be writing a blog. Yet, here I am.

Crackle is my name and just to tell you that I have a great life. Although it wasn’t always that way. You see, I’m a rescue dog. I’m six now, but I was adopted 4 years ago. And since than I haven’t look back.

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Pizzelles and my travel experience

Time to time I bake pizzelles. Pizzelles are traditional Italian waffle cookies, as Google says.

I like them. They are easy to make, remind me Russian waffles and go very well with coffee at work.

Every time when I think of them, I remember a funny story happened to me.

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My funny story about dealerships

Yesterday I went to change the oil in my car and also to get a new inspection sticker. Usually I go to the dealer where we bought my car. It is more expensive but my husband wants to keep me on the safe side. 

I remembered my first time there. It was when I didn’t drive yet. Daniel needed to get some service there I don’t remember what it was. Daniel dropped my off at a shopping plaza near the dealer place. I went to a few stores just browsing . When I became bored I decided to join my husband.

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