A New Year is a new beginning or end of magic

….. with Elena Bria

American Christmas is over. People are getting ready for a New Year celebration, aren’t they? I know for sure Russians are.

 The New Year is the most favorite  Russian holiday. To make it festive people save money, buy delicatessen, which they usually cannot afford. Houses get cleaned, clothes get washed, housewives exchanged with the recipes of salads

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My small American wedding

6 wedding anniversary dedicated to

On average, Americans spend a year preparing for a wedding. Daniel and I didn’t have that much time. I came to the United States on a fiancee visa, which means that after three months I must be married or leave the country.  

Since I did not know the traditions and hardly spoke English, the whole burden of preparation fell on Dan’s shoulders. Compounding the situation was the time of year: I arrived at the end of October, in November Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, in December – Christmas. These are two big family holidays. It was necessary to contrive and find a convenient date in between the holidays. The choice fell on December 7, Saturday.

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My life is a steeplechase

Today I drank coffee in the morning and thought of my life. Yesterday once again there was this feeling. I don’t like it; I try not to even think about it. But it comes. It comes with understanding, that I’m a stranger here.

It happens although I try hard to get accustomed. I try to quickly master the American lifestyle, traditions, everyday life, communication, culture. I’m in a hurry to understand everything that Americans learn throughout their lives. I try to learn everything the sooner the better.

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Old friends I keep

 Dedicated to friends 

Many years ago in Russia, people did not go to see psychologists. Women met in the kitchens and men in garages. It was there among friends they could share their grief, hear words of support, and maybe advice.

Who chooses friends for us? Universe, circumstances, fate? 

Maybe it’s all together?

There were three friends (female). They were close in age, married, had two children, lived in the same neighborhood.They walked with the children in the same Playground. And in bad weather days they met in the kitchen. They were similar but had different views on life, hobbies and interests..

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My Autumn in photos

I was born on a beautiful May morning. But my favorite time of year is charming Autumn.

It started when I was a child. Unlike other children I waited for September 1 and the beginning of the academic year. 

 Over the years, my love to Autumn only intensified. I consider it the most beautiful and comfortable time of the year.

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Books that traveled with me

6 years ago I came to America with one suitcase. But first I sent a parcel to the U. S. with books. What were those books?

  • Practical English Usage
  • Correct your English errors
  • English the American way
  • Woman who run with the wolves
  • Tomsk slums
  • Mtsyri (Novice)
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Elena Bria, “New York is incredible city”

For the first time I saw Elena Bria’s paintings in 2017. Dedeeshattuckgallery gallery had exhibition of Paintings by young artists from St. Petersburg. Back then Elena was a student at the Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg.

This summer Dedee contacted me that one of the artists was in America and was visiting her.

 I jumped at the chance to talk to a talented artist. I myself am far from art, but I admire gifted people who create paintings, music, poems…

So, we got together for talking, walking, and exploring New Bedford.

It turned out that Lena spent 10 days in New York. She said: “To be honest, I’m right shocked by New York (in a good way).  It’s an incredible city. It seems to me that it cardinally changes destinies of people”.

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