New Year’s Eve

All people spend New Year’s Eve in different ways. Someone with friends goes to the sauna,  someone makes salads. But my husband and I cleaned the chimney.

In fact, we try to do everything in advance. Therefore, chimney sweeps came to us in the summer. Apparently, they didn’t do their job very well. In autumn my husband and I noticed the frequent smell of smoke while using the fireplace. Then it became worse. Smoke detector began to turn on regularly and loudly. Imagine the situation: my husband drowns the fireplace, and suddenly-a loud smoke detector signal, the dog howls (he does not like sharp sounds), I wave the towel, trying to ward off the smoke from the sensor….really a madhouse. A couple of times, we even opened the window.

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“Herring under a fur coat”

“Herring under a fur coat” is a popular Russian salad of salted herring and vegetables.  About the mid 70-es of the last century the salad became a traditional dish for the New Year and holiday tables.

Salads with ingredients typical of “Herring  under a fur  Coat”, were distributed in the first half of the 19th century in Scandinavian and German kitchens, and were called “herring salad”. The author of Russian variant of the salad is a merchant Anastas Bogomilov, who owned several pubs in Moscow. Drunken fights happened very often at those pubs. Then he decided to come up with a dish, that would be nourishing and unite different segments of the population. His chef, Aristarkh Prokoptsev, put together salted herring, which symbolized the proletariat, potatoes which symbolized the peasantry, beets symbolized red color of the Bolshevik flag. The name of a new salad was “Shuba”, an acronym for “Shovinismu I Upadku – Boikot I Anafema”, what means “Death and Damnation to Shavinism and Degradation. “Shuba” was served for the first time on the Eve of 1919 New Year. Continue reading ““Herring under a fur coat””

What did I find different between life in Russia and America

Very often I am asked the question: “Do you find that life in the US is very different from life in Russia? And what is so different between these lives? I would say “Everything”.

There are some of them.

  • I would start with customer service. The journey from Tomsk, Russia to Boston, USA is very long, that is why decent service is very important. There are so many people at the airports who try to help you, answer your questions no matter on your accent. In Russia you hardly will able to find someone to ask the question.

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Homemade Moisturizing Face Masks

Moisturizing is an important procedure in General skin care. From lack of moisture the skin becomes flabby, loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear. Moisturizing face masks play an important role in the process of moisturizing the skin. With age, moisturizing facial masks become more relevant.

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American roads and déjà vu

I more than sure that every one of us had a déjá vu. It happened to me today.

The story is: in January I lost a hubcap of my car’s wheel. I actually consider my car as a new best friend. However, it’s my husband who usually notices the loss of hubcaps. As I said, in January we lost the hubcap. But we found it in three days on the roadside not very far from our house.

And so, three days ago I lost the hubcap again (from the other wheel). As usual, my husband discovered that fact. This morning we traditionally found the loss on the same street as the first time.

Déjá vu

Unfortunately, we were unlucky, and hubcap was broken.

My friends, be careful driving on Hawthorn Street (New Bedford), street of “lost and found” hubcaps.

How often did you have déjá vu? What is was?

Speaking with an accent

Hello my friends.

I speak with an accent. Of course, I do. I am Russian and do not have linguistic education or specific talent. My husband tells me, “If you get rid of your accent you will loose your charm”.

I try hard to sound right but often get the questions as “What nationality are you? Or where are you originally from?”. It’s quite normal in my situation. Continue reading “Speaking with an accent”

How to return to childhood?

Probably each of us from time to time wants to return to childhood. How to do that? Well, in my case just cook fish according to my Mom’s recipe.

What do you need?
  • Pollock
  • Flour, mixed with salt and black pepper (last time I used Bread Crumbs)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Onion

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Simple and natural mask for beautiful hair

What could be more beautiful than healthy hair? Healthy hair is the best decoration for a woman.

In different countries, there are different methods of hair care.

Personally, I strongly believe that eating nuts helps my hair grow. 😁

And I love making this hair mask:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp vodka
  • 1 tsp olive oil or castor oil
  • 1 tsp honey
  • Aloe juice (option)

All ingredients are mixed and applied to the hair. Massage the scalp a little bit.  Cover the hair with plastic, and the top can be wrapped with a towel. At the ends of the hair, I recommend applying natural yogurt. Continue reading “Simple and natural mask for beautiful hair”

East Meets West

There’s an expression: Men love their country not because it is great, but because it is their own.

When you live in your country, you take everything for granted. You admire nature, beautiful buildings, proud of the achievements of compatriots. And you know you’re the part of your country’s history.

But why do foreigners love Russia?

Recently I’ve learned why at least from my Australian friend’s point of view.  Obviously, she was interested in Russia. That is why she contacted me a few years ago on a social media website. We became friends very quickly. Two young, ‘relatively young’, women may have much in common. At the same time our lives were completely different though. Time flies, life changes; we are still friends.

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The Fifth Anniversary of Arrival, looking back

Is 5 years a short or long period of life? It depends on many factors. Maybe there’s no right answer or in other words, all answers are right.

On October 20, 2013

I crossed the border of the country, which became my new home. Brave I was heading towards my new life, and was not afraid at all. Thinking I knew English and would be able to adapt quickly.

In fact, it turned out that I understood only every third word, I didn’t know the names of the products, I didn’t know how to cook American food and in general …..there was no buckwheat in the stores and butter tasted like margarine.

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