Birthday, train, Boston

“Nothing is more exhausting than waiting for a train, especially when you’re lying on the rails”. Don Aminado

I was sitting on the asphalt and installing an app on my phone to pay for parking in Middleboro / Lakeville.

It all started when Daniel agreed to come to Boston with me.

Heading Boston
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Tomsk news, April, 2021

 The ice drift began, the Water Utility turned off the water supply.


Every year in April, Tomsk residents expect the most spectacular natural phenomenon – an ice drift on the Tom river. The ice drift brings people to the embankment and the cold weather to the region.

As well as flooding of some villages located close to the river.

The townspeople love to watch the ice movement and come to the shore with their families. Some climb on the ice hummocks.

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How I tried to make my morning miracle

I recently read the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.  And having read, I decided to share impressions.

There is a Russian expression ” as you meet the evening, so spend the night.” Here’s the same idea in the book. The way you start your day determines on the quality of your day, work and life in general.

The author advises to start with waking up an hour early and dedicate this time to yourself, your self development and improvement.

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