Hygge in American with a Russian accent

It seems winter has come. It’s not about the calendar, but about the temperature. Now I leave the house earlier to warm up the car and keep a shovel in the car in case of an unexpected snowfall.

I want to watch “Home Alone” and “Die Hard”. But I dress up as cabbage and go to work.

It’s good that the Scandinavians came up with Hygge.

Lately we can hear this  word quite often. 

And just recently, someone donated the book The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking to our library. 

The author says that learning to pronounce Hygge is easier than explaining what it is*. 

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve already learned a few interesting things. 

For example, Denmark and Norway were once (before 1814) one kingdom. I probably didn’t study history well at school, or maybe I didn’t see anything useful in memorizing this information and quickly forgot. And yet, the author claims that the expression “there is no bad weather, only bad  clothing” is Danish. Whereas I translated it to Dan as Russian. Most likely, in every country with a specific climate there is an expression that sounds about the same in English.

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When to read memoirs

… impression of the book  “A backpack, a bear, and 8 craters of vodka”

I thought that the best time to read biographies and memoirs was retirement.

It seems I was mistaken.

More than a month ago I received an announcement in my work email. Bridgewater University (or their bookclub) invited people to talk with the author about a book  “A backpack, a bear, and 8 craters of vodka” by Lev Golinkin. The  book is about the immigration of a Jewish family from the Soviet (back then) Ukraine.

Everything about Russia and Ukraine is on air now, so I decided to read it.

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Tomsk, January news

New Bedford is getting ready for the snow storm Kenan. Tomsk has just celebrated Tatiana’s day. And other news.

About covid-19…
My sister Tatiana and I.

During the day (January 27), 421 residents of the Tomsk region were infected with a new coronavirus infection; 3 people died. 

Governor Sergey Zhvachkin urged residents to vaccinate and strictly follow the requirements of epidemiologists, and instructed law enforcement agencies to reinforce control over this. The governor also recalled the ban on holding mass events.

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December news in January

Many years ago, by December 31, I had to  prepare 3-4 salads, 5-6 appetizers , hot dish, fish, etc. (well, Russians know) in order to properly/ deliciously/ joyfully celebrate the New Year.

Now I listen to my sister’s voice messages, where she complains that she has to separate the herring from the bones for salad, and I envy her. I make the “herring under a fur coat” salad only once every 3-4 years ((((

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November, Tomsk news

Saturday. Evening. Local weather – “flying chairs”. But just a couple of hours ago (at work) I was thinking about washing the windows… again…for the hundredth time this autumn. But in this weather it’s pointless.

In fact, it’s a sin to complain about the weather: it’s warm, of course rainy, windy, but warm. We have only seen frost a couple of times so far. 

The weather is getting warmer not only in New Bedford. Daniel read on the Internet that the melting of permafrost causes explosions of underground accumulations of natural gas on the Yamal Peninsula and other regions in northwest Siberia. As a result, huge craters are formed.

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Still October Tomsk news, briefly.

“Mondays are the start of the work week which offers new beginnings 52 times a year!”

David Dweck

Not everywhere and for everyone, and not always.

In Russia, the days from October 30 to November 7 were declared non-working in order to prevent the deterioration of the situation with COVID-19. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that these days should be paid by employers in full. But we will see. 

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About Saint Petersburg

I finally finished working on my third talk show. Everything was planned to happen a month ago. But man assumes, and God disposes.

The guest of my show was Marina, a tour guide in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Young, beautiful, smart, purposeful. And brave, because only brave people agree to talk to me. Marina found the time for me. And it must have been difficult-between work, school, household chores and taking care of a 4 y.o. daughter. I thank her.

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August, news, Tomsk, New Bedford

“My beautiful hairdresser”, Daniel called me when I took out the haircut machine. I would prefer that his hairdresser was professional. But in the era of Covid, it will probably safier to get a haircut at home.

So, Covid News…

In both countries, organizations attempt to oblige employees to be vaccinated against covid-19.

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July brief overview

I have no photos of space…

Have you ever dreamed of flying into space? For just $ 28 million, a beautiful rocket will take you off the Earth.

Two companies Blue Origin (founder Jeff Bezos) and Virgin Galactic (founder Richard Branson) have seriously thought about space tourism.

You probably saw on the news that Richard Branson and three of his colleagues climbed to about 53 miles above the earth. As far as I understand, they did not leave the limits of our atmosphere, but they experienced weightlessness and enjoyed panoramic views of the Earth and space

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