Long-term construction in American style

Sunday night.  Daniel and I sat on a breezeway. We were sad. His brother, Claude, with wife, Charlene, had just left. A simple dinner with them was the highlight of 2020 for us.

We sat and looked at our own strange yard. The grass is scorched by the sun and trampled by 10,000 steps of 3-5 contractors a day. Next to the hedge is a dump of ladders and stepladders covered with plastic. Not far from it is another pile of boxes with  shingles, also covered with plastic. In front of the house, the view is not more beautiful. 

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His not perfect nor american wife

I used to think that you should only write blog posts about  success, positive or at least funny stories.

But how can I come up with something fun and positive if I’m feeling guilty?

I always feel guilty when Dan has to go to work and I stay home. I think I should earn more money, do more housework, be smarter, better etc, and generally that he deserves … an American wife.

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Different vs Unusual

-I cannot wait until the contractors finish the job, – Daniel.

-Let’s face it. You created such an unusual design. It took them forever even to start.

-Well, yes…no. I would call it different, – disagreed Daniel and continued his breakfast.

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Changing with the times

…None of us will ever be the way we once were

-We won’t water the grass this summer,-  Daniel said.


You probably wonder why we won’t or why we watered it?

It all began 6 years ago when we started gardening. We set up vegetable gardens in the backyard and arranged several flower beds in front of the house. I understood the need for watering. But I couldn’t understand why we needed to water the grass. This was nonsense.

Nevertheless, I did not argue with my husband – the local climate and customs were a mystery to me. In the hottest season (July), we watered everything: vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, lawn, and even some trees. 

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Familiar rain in an unfamiliar country

Have you noticed that meeting an old friend at a new job helps you adapt faster?

And what about moving to another country, when your own future husband can hardly be called an old friend?

In the absence of old acquaintances in America, I tried to find the familiar in my surroundings: the weather, nature, hobbies.

I’ll probably never forget my first rain in Massachusetts.

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Mirror balls vs bookmarks

The truck made a grating sound and stopped right in front of our house. I looked out the window and noticed an unpleasant emptiness.

A week ago, there was a ball hanging outside the window.  It was not a regular balloon. It was a Styrofoam ball covered with shards of plastic mirror.

My thoughts went back 6 and a half years.

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Letter to my friend, November 2013

“Hi, Olya!”, I yelled into the phone and heard my own echo, “can you imagine Daniel listening to my clumsy English and not even interrupting?”

Do you remember how I lived when we met? I cooked, washed, did the dishes, took out the trash, worked in the garden, went to two parent meetings at the same time. Then I learned to plan everything very much in advance, make lists and analyze. I learned to lie and flatter, and even read minds. When my ex-husband asked “Tell me honestly..?”, I clearly gave him what he wanted to hear.

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Shopping during the pandemic

… Mask, who are you? or the whole truth about shopping during the pandemic…

Sunday shopping turned into a surreal and perilous adventure with the ever-changing game rules. Store opening hours are unpredictable, and you can see signs with the  new rules at the entrance only.

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