Статуя Свободы и остров Эллис

Почему я выбрала имено эту тему? Просто потому, что скоро май. А значит мой день рождения. Два года назад в качестве подарка на день рождения у меня была однодневная поездка к Статуе Свободы. В этом году идей нет вообще. Надеюсь, что это временно.

А сейчас я расскажу вам, что я узнала во время той (два года назад) поездки и из книг и интернета.

Статуя Свободы и остров Эллис – исторические достопримечательности Соединенных Штатов. Это то же самое, как Красная площадь в Москве: все россияне знают о ней, но не все там бывали. Некоторые американцы заблуждаются, думая, что Статуя Свободы находится на острове Эллис. На самом деле это два отдельных острова.  

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Liberty and Ellis Islands

Why have I decided to write of them now? Simply because May is coming soon. It means my birthday. And two years ago I had an one-day trip to Statue of Liberty as a birthday gift. It’s about time to make a decision of my upcoming birthday.

For now I’ll tell you what I’ve learned during that (two years ago) one day trip.

Liberty and Ellis Islands – historical sights of the United States. This is the same as the Red Square in Moscow: all Russians know about it, but not all have been there.

So, both islands are located in New York Harbor. Visitors arrive and depart Liberty and Ellis Islands via ferries.

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Finland is the country of my dream

When you hear the word Finland, what comes to mind? Snow? Hockey? Cold? Mosquitoes? Ice? Reindeer?

To me, it is the country of my dream. Why? Just because it’s close to Russia.

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this country. So, I decided to search. Here we go, my summary to your attention. I believe that someone else may have another opinion.

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Cosmonautics day

On April 12th, Russia congratulates designers, researchers, engineers, workers and cosmonauts — everyone who works in the space industry. 

Cosmonautics Day is an anniversary of the first manned space flight made on 12 April 1961 by the Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

 In Poland an “International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics” is celebrated on the same day. 

Gagarin’s flight was a triumph for the Soviet space program, and opened a new era in the history of space exploration

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My trip to Seattle


Do you like to travel? I really love it but I have to work. So, what can I do? Only remember. Please, join me. Let’s go back to February 2018.

If you want to travel independent be ready to get wet in the rain.

That’s how my adventure began. Although actually it started with a desire to go for vacation, to see my friend, and to see new places. And then in February it all came together. A way from New Bedford, MA to Seattle, WA took a whole day (from 12pm to 10 pm). Don’t forget a difference in time between these two cities. The flight was tedious and confusing.

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Astronomical spring or the spring equinox

On March 20th (2019) many people congratulated each other with beginning of Spring. Also, we can call it Astronomical spring or vernal equinox.

            The spring and autumn equinoxes are considered to be the astronomical beginning of the seasons of the same name.

            The spring equinox is an astronomical phenomenon in which the center of the Sun, in its visible motion along the Ecliptic, crosses the celestial equator. The vernal equinox begins between March 19 and 21, at different points of the planet at different times. The time of the equinox is related both to the geographical location of the countries and to the duration of calendar years.

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Spring, Maslenitsa, Blini

Why is Spring associated with blini (Russian-style pancakes) for Russians? Just because in Spring they eat a lot of blini.

Russian pancakes, also known as blini or blinchiki, are really special for people raised in Russia. Blini are a really important part of Russian culture as they are a pearl of Russian cuisine.

            Blini are much wider and thinner than American-style pancakes, but not as thin and wide as crepes. It allows you to stuff them with everything you like; such as ground-beef, ham, cheese, and salmon. You also can eat them with caviar, sour cream, jam, chocolate cream, honey, condense milk, berries, or other sweets.

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March 8th – International Women’s day

Every year on March 8 Russians celebrate International Women’s day. On this day, men try to pay attention to every important woman in his life: mother, sister, grandmother, beloved ones, as well as female colleagues. They give gifts, mostly flowers, and say compliments.

Since after the October revolution of 1917, this holiday has been celebrated mainly in socialist countries. The Chinese Communists celebrated it since 1922, and by Spanish Communists from 1936. Republic of China (founded on October 1, 1949) proclaimed that Chinese women work a half of a day on March 8th.

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Day of the Defender of Fatherland.

On February 23 Russia celebrates the Day of military glory of Russia — Day of the Defender of Fatherland. By tradition, this day congratulate not only the current defenders of the Fatherland, but also the defenders of potential – in other words, all men from small to large. It is becoming more common for women who serve in the military to be honored on this day, and this challenges the traditionally masculine aspect of the holiday.

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Tatiana’s day

Tatiana Day is a Russian religious holiday observed on 25 January according to the Gregorian calendar ( January 12 according to the Julian). It is named after Saint Tatiana. The Martyress Tatiana lived in Rome at the turn of the II-III centuries, during the reign of Emperor Alexander the Severus. According to legend, for refusing to sacrifice to Apollo, Tatiana was tortured. But the next day her wounds always healed, and statues of pagan gods were destroyed three times through her prayer. Tatiana and her father were executed on 12 January 226. Later, Tatiana of Rome was proclaimed a Saint, and the day of her death became Tatiana’s day.

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