Chronicles of chaos, January 7, Kazakhstan

If you have time to watch the News more likely you saw  reports about the situation in Kazakhstan (former Soviet Republic). 

There’s no doubt that each country covers events differently. 

My husband usually tells me about what he saw on CNN and yahoo news. I usually watch Russian news on YouTube. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the news last week. So I don’t know what the  Russians said about Kazakhstan.

Today I saw IG posts from a person who lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Maria (@eng_focus) is an English and Russian tutor, a songwriter, a singer, and an inspiring person.  Last summer she was a guest of my zoom talk show “Russian Speaks”.

Here, I am publishing “chronicles of chaos” (as she calls it) and with her permission. Also I leave a link to her IG account. 

Don’t get hard on me, I’m translating this with an online translator, it’s faster. 😄

January 7

Note: these are my diary entries – a look at the events in Almaty through the eyes of a resident whose house is 1 km from the main square. At the time of publication, the data on the number of detainees had already changed, some of my thoughts and feelings too.

The most unusual Christmas in my life …

My son asked if there will be a gift for him, and I said – our life is the main gift. The meaning of Christmas is still in the priority of the spiritual over the material.

Machine gun bursts were periodically heard in the morning and throughout the day. Through the window I saw smoke over another building. There were significantly fewer people in our area today. Apparently, there was no shooting here yesterday, so there was more movement. We spent the whole day at home.

Today, for the first time ever, we started receiving some SMS messages from emergency services. Business owners will receive compensation, the main banks have resumed work…

It is known about the detention of almost 4,000 militants. At the same time, about 20,000 of them operated in Almaty alone. I think it will take a decent time to neutralize/catch them all. I imagine life “after”. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to walk around the city like I used to, after everything that happened here. Or it is better to take the child and leave for Russia at the first opportunity. It’s not an easy decision, but time and intuition will show.

We have been living without the Internet for two days now. A friend gave me the rest of the money from her balance so that I could send a text message to my family in Russia that we are fine.

At such moments, you realize that money in fact means very little. Humanity is the most valuable thing we have.

Terrorists are being detained and dealt with in the city.  And I feel immeasurable gratitude to everyone who reclaims our city – mutilated, as if it was literally violated.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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