Chronicles of chaos, January 8, Kazakhstan

Сontinuation of the chronicles of chaos.

IG posts from a person who lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Maria (@eng_focus) is an English and Russian tutor, a songwriter, a singer, and an inspiring person.  Last summer she was a guest of my zoom talk show “Russian Speaks”.

Here, I am publishing “chronicles of chaos” (as she calls it) and with her permission. Also I leave a link to her IG account. 

Don’t get hard on me, I’m translating this with an online translator, it’s faster. 😄

January 8

Today I am overcome by an uncomfortable feeling of doom – I cannot work and communicate with loved ones outside of Almaty. And it is unknown when I will be able to. I do not know if they received my SMS, or maybe I did not receive their answers? This is much worse than a lockdown in 2020. Now I am the subscriber who is unavailable. It has already been the third day.

In the afternoon, my son and I went  to throw out the garbage and decided to walk to the store. Gunshots were heard from the square on our walk. We met a young mother with a baby. We looked at each other, held our gazes in each other’s eyes, but we didn’t say anything. As if this sur would not express a single word.

In the store that traded through the window, the doors were open today. But I already “out of habit” climbed to buy through the window. My son got the long-awaited ice cream and chips, and I bought some food. There was still no milk anywhere.

The coffee kiosk that served me as a cafe during the lockdown was miraculously open. There’s a queue in front of him. While I was waiting, I found out that the burned cars had already been removed from the square.

People on the street and in shops were very sociable and sympathetic – they told you where you can buy what, and warned you not to go out in the evening. They talked about terrible things that were not told in the news. They said about 100 militants who speak neither Russian nor Kazakh were caught near Almaty.

At home, I helped my son to study spelling and English. I also started a home workout yesterday. It’s a little harder to force myself, but I gather the will and later thank myself very much for it. After that, I trained my son – at his request.

The brightest moment of the day – my friend Natasha from the Czech Republic called me on the cell phone. The feeling that you are remembered there, on the other side of this nightmare, gave me joy and positivity. I needed it so much. All of us. 

Volunteers are formed into detachments for the restoration of the city.

The TV showed footage from the places of riots, and I understood that it would take a long time to restore the city. 

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Chronicles of chaos, January 8, Kazakhstan”

  1. What happened there is very sad and I hope that the situation will be under control soon.

    However, I’m surprised to read that some people told your friend that “100 Arabs who speak neither Russian nor Kazakh were caught near Almaty”. It’s just sad when people spread news they’re uncertain of. If someone was caught and that someone doesn’t speak neither Russian nor Kazakh, does that automatically lead to a conclusion that this person is an Arab? I bet people who said that have no idea who Arabs are and they wouldn’t be able to distinguish between people from different nations, it’s just a label they often use to describe somebody. It’s q sign of ignorance.

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