Chronicles of chaos, January 9, Kazakhstan

Сontinuation of the chronicles of chaos.

IG posts from a person who lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Maria (@eng_focus) is an English and Russian tutor, a songwriter, a singer, and an inspiring person.  Last summer she was a guest of my zoom talk show “Russian Speaks”.

Here, I am publishing “chronicles of chaos” (as she calls it) and with her permission. Also I leave a link to her IG account. 

Don’t get hard on me, I’m translating this with an online translator, it’s faster. 😄

Jan 9.

It’s been quiet all day today. Suddenly I caught myself thinking that I began to perceive the sound from the tires of cars in the yard for shots. It’s the same with my son. Hello, PTSD

I walked to the coffee stand. What a blessing to get a mug of warming latte along with a barista smile!

People were carrying packages from the supermarket – the news reported that some retail chains have resumed work until 6PM. There was a queue at the entrance to the supermarket closest to me – they limited the number of visitors. I went on to a bigger supermarket. People were  buying huge carts of groceries. There were queues at the cashiers for 20 minutes.

The police appeared at the intersections – for the first time in all these days. The policemen selectively stopped cars, checked documents.

Internet services have returned to Kazakhstan’s largest city following a five-day blackout on Jan 10.

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