December, squirrels

On Friday, thousands of American children did not go to school. Their parents wouldn’t let them in. And the reason for this is social media, or rather Tik-Tok.

The police, together with school officials across the country, informed parents about the tik-tok publications, which claimed that on Friday, December 17, there would be a shooting at the school without specifying the location. There might be an increased police presence in schools across the country.

Times change along with the ways of avoiding schools. Previously, at least in Russia, children called and reported about bombs planted in schools to cancel a school test.  Now it’s enough to get an account on Tik-Tok.

Earlier this year, ‘Devious Licks’, a Tik-Tok trend, encouraged students to steal items from campus. In Visalia, California, everything was stolen – from soap dispensers and paper towels to light bulbs and bathroom doors.

I’m worried about what might happen next. What else can social media call for?! 

As of today (Sunday, Dec 19), fortunately, no shooting has been reported in schools.

Although, there was no time to watch the news.

On Saturday, I finally put up a Christmas tree, baked a cake for a library party, but the main entertainment was squirrels. Or rather, their presence on the bird feeder.

Daniel made this feeder himself a few years ago. He made it for his Mom. But then Mom passed away, and the feeder moved with Dan from house to house until it settled on a shelf in his garage.

We installed it in our yard for the first time.

Now from the kitchen window we can see birds, more often sparrows, but a whole flock.

However, very soon the squirrels found out about this feeder. Now Crackle has a real job – chasing squirrels….both squirrels and Crackles run very fast, so it’s incredibly difficult to make a video. But I hope one day I will be able to record them. In the meantime, there is a video only with squirrels.

We will rearrange the feeder today. It won’t be visible from the kitchen window. But the birds will be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner without worrying about impudent squirrels.

There are 5 days left until Christmas…

Author: Elena

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