Don’t bake like me

I baked a cake on Sunday. The weather was inviting, rainy and damp, though warm.

In rainy weather, I want to read, with a cup of tea and a piece of cake or at least a pie.

The choice fell on the Zebra cake. I have loved it since childhood for its simplicity and unsweetened taste. 

You need to mix all the ingredients. Divide the dough into two parts. Add cocoa powder in one of them. Then pour the white and black dough, alternating, into a baking dish. This will give the cake a nice marble look. 

There are two disadvantages in my recipe: there is little sugar and all the ingredients are measured in “faceted glass”.

I don’t have faceted glass here.

So I found a video on YouTube with measurements in grams. I divided everything by 2 (I wasn’t sure of the result). I even recorded my own video.

My cake came out looking good but…only looking. 

I’ll be honest with you. 

Here are my mistakes:

-I didn’t add baking powder. Because I did not use it before, in my childhood we didn’t have that product. 

-I didn’t finish reading/watching the recipe. So instead of baking it for 40-45 minutes, I baked it only for 30-35 min.

-And I forgot to add some salt. 

-However, I added some walnuts.

Another thing was the density of the dough. My dough has always been more liquid. Following that recipe I got very thick dough. I had to use a spoon to put the dough into the mold.

In the end, as I said , it did look nice. Daniel even tried it. Again. And again I didn’t like it. 😹

I ate a couple of pieces on the same day and one more piece the next day. But it was not really good.

Usually, when something doesn’t come out well, I re-do it. I thought about making the same cake this week. But I don’t want that particular one any more, 😹

I am attaching a recipe from the resource. Also the name of the YouTube channel (Мари Геворгян Mari Rose) if you want to see her other recipes. 


-4 eggs

-250 gr. granulated sugar

-250 gr. sour cream

-100 gr. plums. oils

-0.5 tsp soda

-1 tsp baking powder

-320 gr. flour

-2 tbsp cocoa (30 gr.)

-1-2 tbsp milk or sour cream

*Shape size / 24 cm.; / 25 cm.; / 26 cm.

** t 180°C(356°F) ~ 40-45 min.

Let me know in the comments your easy-making cake recipe, or a not successful cake/dish. 

P.S. This post is my reminder of how not to bake a cake. 🤣

Author: Elena

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