Evening notes, 4, Boston


How to spend a vacation without being excruciatingly painful?

Make a to-do list, do almost everything from it, get tired.

One of the action items was a trip to Boston. Beautiful Boston… always beautiful Boston.

The decision to travel was spontaneous, as always. But there was also a plan – to go to a Russian store and meet with Dan’s sister and her husband. But they couldn’t make it to Boston  at the last moment. So I spent the whole day alone with Boston and a backpack with trophies.

Friday morning in Boston was overcast. The day was partly cloudy. Temperature – I don’t know. It’s warm in the sun, but it’s uncomfortably cool in the shade of even a small tree. Spring. It’s still spring. And in spring, cold winds often blow on sunny days.

Despite the weight of the backpack with trophies, I went to a new place for myself – on the Charles River.

I wanted to sit on a bench at the very edge of the water and, if I was lucky, record a video (duck, swan, seagull). I was unlucky, but I sat on the bench and looked at people: running mothers with children in a stroller, runners, cyclists, pensioners, young women having lunch on the benches, tourists.

I must admit, on Friday I saw a different Boston.

I used to love it for its crowds of people on the streets, for the traffic, and of course for the buildings: high and low, modern and old, glass and stone, for the unusual streets, for the smell of the ocean in the center of the city (although who knows where the center is).

On Friday, I loved Boston for fewer people and cars than in New York.

Everything is known by comparison. New York is too mobile and energetic. For me. I would like to go there again with someone and in a warmer time of the year than December. I would like to take a picture against the background of the sights, but there are always too many people everywhere.

Boston is different for the better in this regard. The Boston crowds turned out to be not such crowds.

So, I walked around the city, went to a Russian store, sat on the benches, read half a book, and ate twice. Nothing special seems to have happened. No adventures, no vivid impressions. Just a day in Boston, alone with Boston.

I returned home by Dattco bus. I even decided to write them a good review and ask them to add one more bus/trip. Will I write? I’ll write this plan item to my to-do list.

There is no need to go to Boston for groceries any time soon. But a boat ride on the Charles River is the plan.

Author: Elena

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