Fallen Сhristmas tree

...Inspired by Tatiana Spirina-Smetana .

I just wanted to translate Tatiana Spirina-Smatana’s post, but I failed to do so. Here’s what I got.

Natasha woke up at 4 o’clock. It’s legal to sleep until 4 pm on January 1.

Especially after the races of preparation for the New Year.

Russians (maybe not only Russians) believe that with the New Year, the new better life will begin and the old one will end. 

Natasha, like many of us, followed  the traditions. It was very important to do everything in time and properly.

She bought:

-Christmas tree


-champagne with caviar

-green peas (in cans)

-mayonnaise. It didn’t matter that she hadn’t eaten it in a year. The tradition, along with the public opinion, tells that it’s ok.

-a new dress. People say you have to celebrate in new clothes. 

-gifts for the kids and, traditionally,  socks for her husband.

She had her nails done and her hair styled.  

She finished the report at work, responded to congratulations,  paid the rent and utility, and came up with ideas of celebration activities. 

She did the floor, spent shopping rewards,  boiled vegetables for the Olivier salad and the hooves for aspic (Jellied meat).

Natasha made a homemade Korean carrot salad because the father-in-law loves it.

She did the floor again because a cat got sick from the Сhristmas tree tinsel. 

She hadn’t forgotten to cool the liquor.

She spoiled the manicure while cooking aspic, whatever, no one will notice anyway. 

She did the floor again, because the child got sick from the chocolate. 

With tears in her eyes, she discovered that she had torn her tights. At that moment, she felt like a fallen Christmas tree.

And then the guests came. All those tight bras. Red lipstick on the glass. On TV, Ippolit takes a shower in a coat (a traditional Soviet comedy). The president makes a speech. Champagne, glasses, wishes on paper*.  And salads that she got fed up while she was cooking. Natasha would like a martini with an olive. But she paid off the rent and utilities.

Then they ran outside in the wet snow, fired a couple of firecrackers to make the cats jump out of the trash**.

And back home in warmth, a tangerine, a glass of wine or a shot of vodka. 

Oh, no! She almost forgot to take a picture. It is absolutely necessary to post the photo on FB. Photo where the Christmas tree is beautiful and elegant. And Natasha in a new dress. And no one sees that she feels like a fallen Christmas tree.

Natasha woke up at 4 in the afternoon. It is legal to sleep until 4 pm on January 1.

She did the dishes and realized that nothing has changed. And she’s still  a fallen Christmas  tree. And the new life is the old one that has not been forgotten yet. 

P.S. the story is not real, but very close to reality.

*Some people write a wish on a piece of paper, burn the paper, put the ashes in a glass of champagne, drink it (to make the wish come true) during the chiming clock on Red Square in Moscow.

**In cities and towns, there are special places (large containers) in neighborhoods  where people throw out their garbage. Trucks arrive every day to empty those containers. 

Author: Elena

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