February news-2, Tomsk, Russia

On Saturday I saw one of my long-time subscribers.

And I was just ashamed that I haven’t been writing for a long time.

The situation must be fixed, here we go..

I decided to see what’s going on in the world.

First I looked in Russian news: 

An article from Russian online newspaper Rg.ru caught my eye. Here is a quote from it: “Macron said that France would never support the idea of Russia’s defeat.

Despite France’s military support for Ukraine, no one in Paris wants Russia’s defeat, President of the Fifth Republic Emmanuel Macron said, RIA Novosti reports. He also expressed confidence that the conflict should end with negotiations.”

I became curious to learn what not-russian media say about his speech. 

“Speaking to French media, Mr Macron urged Western nations to increase military support for Kyiv and said he was prepared for a protracted war.

“I want Russia to be defeated in Ukraine, and I want Ukraine to be able to defend its position,” – published in BBC.com.

Both links will be under the post.

It is a difficult and not pleasant task to compare what the media of different countries say. And I can’t pull on a news commentator.

I’d better switch to the Tomsk news.


The number of robberies and street crimes has increased in the Tomsk region. Deputy Governor for Security Igor Tolstonosov said that the number of crimes increased by 10.5%, while the number of murders decreased by 15.1%. He also said that the number of false reports about the threat of explosion of buildings has increased. We used to hear false reports of a bomb threat in schools, usually in the spring, during exams. But now he is talking about courthouses, branches of the United Russia party and, of course, military enlistment offices.

There were 44 such false reports in 2022. Tolstonosov claims that many messages come “from abroad”, but he does not name specific countries.


In Tomsk, a wheel broke off from a minibus (smaller than a SRTA bus but bigger than a van) and hit a woman (51 years old) standing at the bus stop. According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs , The poor woman was taken to the hospital. Police officers establish the circumstances of the incident. And eyewitnesses claim that it was a new bus.

Unfortunately, many simple Russians don’t understand how economically isolated the country became. Even new vehicles don’t work properly. President Putin makes them believe that Russia can produce everything it needs. 

And this is to smile, though…maybe not

53 people suffered from bites by wild animals in the Tomsk Region in 2022, including 15 people from mouse bites, 8 people from rats, 24 people from squirrels, one person from a fox, one person from a bat, one person from a hedgehog, one person from a chipmunk, one person from a badger”, – said Olga Pichugina (head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor).

I used to think there were a lot of squirrels in America. Now I know that in the Tomsk region too, and they even bite. And I didn’t even imagine that such statistics existed.

On Monday, February 20, Maslenitsa week begins in Russia. I think that at this time more pancakes are baked and eaten than in the whole year. Link to my old post here.

On February 23, Russia will celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. Traditionally, girls/ women/ wives/ mothers give gifts to boys/men / husbands/sons, respectively.

Today (Sunday) a rally was held in Tomsk in order to support the SMO (special military operation), the Tomsk telegram channel “Tomsk 1604” reported.

Well, very briefly about us

The Dan’s factory administration announced no more overtime available for the employees. And on Friday, the superviser asked Dan if he wanted to work on Saturday. The paradox.

Daniel got into the “Russian spirit” and decided to install a dash camera in his truck… I hope that we will use the videos from it only for entertainment (of course, when we figure out how it works).

I conducted another monthly program (Get Crafty with Elena). We folded towels into animal figures.

The squirrels returned to our yard. They can’t climb onto the bird feeder, they pick up what has fallen.

Crackle is waiting for summer. I post photos/videos on his Instagram quite periodically.

We started shopping for a new car for me. I created a spread-sheet of different car’s characteristics. Dan liked it. He immediately let me know what we have to cross out from consideration.  I spent several hours at dealerships, and tested 3 cars…. Everything will be known in early March.

I started reading a book written and published in the year I was born (Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie). I read slowly, because at the same time I am reading a new and the last book by my favorite author (Death of a traitor by M.C. Beaton with R.W. Green).

I have created a telegram channel and will try to duplicate my content there. I’ve been driving myself crazy for 3 days trying to turn on “comments” there. It seems all I need is to publish a new post, LOL. 

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