February news, Tomsk, Russia

After listening to voice messages from my sister, I decided to watch the Russian news.

Tomsk, still decorated

I started with the Tomsk news… and  found a TV channel that I even didn’t know existed*.  I watched one episode.

The new Tomsk oblast Governor Vladimir Mazur surprises with his activities.

-On February 8, he held a meeting with volunteers who were collecting humanitarian aid for Tomsk soldiers. He spoke about the results of his trip to the “Donetsk and Luhansk National Republics” over the previous weekend. I think  on February 4-5.  And, yes, the “National republics” that are now being “liberated” by the Russian army.

The governor put together a short video, most likely not by himself, and as he says, not for advertising purposes. The video is here.

-On February 10, he visited a plant that produces mining equipment, control systems for miners, etc. which are relevant for the Donetsk National Republic. Interestingly, the plant is heated with coal (!), while gas heating equipment is installed. But because of the bureaucracy, it cannot be connected. Now probably the governor’s assistants will sort out the problem.

-On February 11, Vladimir Mazur went to the ski track, took part in the marathon “Ski Track of Russia”. He published this in his telegram channel.

Also I saw the gymnasium where my children studied. ..The director of the gymnasium (the same as 20 years ago) asked for modern security cameras and to improve the area around the school. I remember how difficult it was to get to the school grounds on rainy days.  Nothing seems to have changed over the years.

Not Tomsk news…

Gas explosions in residential buildings stand out from the news around the country.

-On February 7, in the evening, a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in Efremov, Tula region. 8 people were killed.

-On February 9, a part of a building  collapsed in Novosibirsk due to a gas explosion. 13 people were killed, 7 are in the hospital.

The house was built in 1966. The gas supply system was planned to be repaired in 2031. It seems like there is no need for this now. The scapegoats have already been appointed..  The official authorities opened a criminal case for “providing services that do not meet security requirements”, two people were arrested.

President Putin expressed his condolences to the families of the victims, but only after remotely participating in the opening of a new terminal at Tolmachevo Airport (Novosibirsk).

The opening took place, but clients of the airport are still using the old international terminal.

Monument to Chekhov

From the good news… 

Tomsk poultry farm is recruiting people to work and the weather is warm by Siberian standards (only  -15° C= 5°F). 

In a week from Monday, Maslenitsa begins in Russia.

Traditionally, people will bake pancakes, say goodbye to winter, and some will prepare for fasting.

*Some independent TV channels were closed at the beginning of military actions.






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