Filming in New Bedford

On Wednesday, November 2, my street was blocked. 

I was driving to work at 8:30 in the morning, not thrilled with the detour but thinking it’s ok. Things happen. Most likely, the street will be open on my way home. 

I was wrong.

My street was blocked off again. All the streets around were either blocked or crowded with parked cars.

I finally got home, but I wasn’t happy.

At home, Daniel asked me what was going on on our street? 

-Really? How do I know?

While I was getting changed, talking to my husband and putting the chicken in the oven, it began to get dark. The best time to take the dog for a walk and still be able  to see what is still happening on our street.

Daniel joined us. He was curious.

Well, t-h-e-y were shooting a movie.

The men were wearing funny round hats. Old vehicle was driving around. The huge crane was holding  a huge lamp.

-Cool! – Many people would think.

-Inconvenient,- I think.

In general, the residents of New Bedford are excited about this event. They are proud that their city was chosen for the filming of this movie. Some of them probably even get a job. It may bring more tourists. This is great!

But, sorry, not for me:

-I’m too old to dream of being filmed

-I’m too much of a stranger to know American actors, follow their lives and wish to meet them

-I’m not smart enough to set up my own movie

-I’m not ambitious either

But anyway, on Wednesday the streets around Madison St have been blocked. You couldn’t drive by or park there. Two giant cranes were parked near creating more light for the night shoot. 

I read in the newspaper that people living in neighboring houses hosted film crews and cooked for them. 

The movie will return in January. If the series is renewed for a second season the filming will take place in a house on Madison street again. 

About the movie.

As you probably already know, AMC started filming a movie called “Invitation to a Bonfire”. It is based on the book of the same name by Adrienne Celt. 

Set at an all-girls boarding school in New Jersey in the 1920s-30s, the story follows a young Soviet refugee Zoya, who is an outcast at the school.

By the way, all the books in our Sails system are checked out or on hold. 

I will read it eventually.

As for now, I am interested in a different matter. 

The house, a three-story Victorian house, on Madison street is now an Airbnb. I mean, the historic house is an Airbnb! How do they do that? Technically? Is it a good business?

I have never stayed at Airbnb. 

I am open to your opinion. 

The photos were taken in 2016

Author: Elena

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