Every woman has her own ideas about beauty and appearance. Someone will not leave the house without a manicure. Someone cares more about makeup. And someone pays attention to the combination of clothes.

The vast majority of Russian women try to look 100% in all respects. It’s a kind of lifestyle. There have always been fewer men in Russia than women. And since the goal of most Russian women is to get married, they should always be ready to meet their Prince.

For me, one of the most important criteria was and is a healthy body. Meaning not skinny, not fat, and no belly. The appearance of my body has been the challenge of my life.

First, I was too skinny. At the age of 17, my weight was 49 kg. At that time, I wanted to build muscle. I signed up for the gym and attended it for a few months. Then winter came and it was difficult with public transport and warm clothes. I quit the gym.

Then I got married. My family, housework, and my in-laws occupied all my time. Between washing laundry, ironing clothes, cooking, sweeping and washing the floor, I couldn’t find time for the gym. One day, my weight rose to 54 kg. But then I was able to lose weight (up to 50 kg) on my own.  

When I turned 37, I went to the gym again. That year I was extremely busy: I worked 50 hours a week, studied part-time at the banking school, went to the gym, and did all the housework.

I had time to go to the gym before working at the store. The minimum program was to lose 1 kg, the maximum-to get rid of the belly. The classes were not too difficult. The coach made me a set of exercises. At the beginning he made sure that I performed it correctly. Everything was easy and simple. Though I don’t remember if I approached my goals. 

Then life began to change. Diploma work in a banking school, practice in the Bank instead of vacation, graduation, learning English, divorce, wandering in rented rooms. I lost up to 49 kg without exercise and dieting.

I came to America thin and almost happy with my figure. But as time goes on, my weight has changed again…lol

I think I inherited my mother’s figure. Although She was a little bit taller but not fat. She believed a flat (without a butt and breasts) woman couldn’t be beautiful. In her opinion, the presence of a belly compensated for the lack of butt and Breasts. If only it was as simple as that in my head!

So, at 47 years old, I started going to the gym again. This morning was my first time at Boutique Fitness. A Coach, a group of 4 people, energetic music, 30 minutes of exercises. I was exhausted but happy. I had to stop several times to rest. At some point, I thought I was going to die. 😅

But I survived. My instructor Kristin was patient and classmates were kind to me and tried to cheer me up. I appreciate it!

 I believe that in a while I will be strong like them. Also, I know I deserve a nice-looking figure. Hopefully saying this out loud will make me more responsible and obligated. 

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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