God loves the Trinity

or Good/Bad things Happen in threes

There is a Russian expression “God loves the Trinity”. Americans have their own – “Good/bad things happen in threes”.

There are three news from one day that surprised/horrified me:

# 1 the truth about Thanksgiving

American schoolchildren are taught that pilgrims and Indians gathered together to celebrate the first harvest. It was in the autumn of 1621.

I heard the same story and shared it with my Russian friends on my blog.

Yahoo news recently published an article about how the first Thanksgiving celebration actually took place.

We know that without the help of the Wampanoag (a tribe of Indians who lived in Massachusetts), the Pilgrims would not have survived the very first winter and would not have received a good harvest next year.

Despite this, the Indians were not invited to the harvest feast. 

It was only because English settlers were firing guns into the air to celebrate the harvest that the Wampanoag came to investigate. When they were told it was a harvest celebration, the Wampanoag joined the feast,and brought food,  including deer.

And in general, the settlers and aborigines were not friends, they were rather allies.

According to the educational materials of the National Museum of the American Indian: “The Wampanoags were a people with a developed society who inhabited this region for thousands of years. They had their own government, their own religious and philosophical beliefs, their own system of knowledge and their own culture.”

The concept of “Thanksgiving” was far from new to the Wampanoags and other indigenous peoples of America. “For them, gratitude was a part of everyday life” the museum noted.

# 2 loss of traditions

So, 400 years ago, Thanksgiving was a harvest festival. Now it is a traditional family holiday when families get together. For example, one girl came from Seattle for only three days. For three days with the family. And this is another part of the country. The flight from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean can take all day.

However, not all parents are so lucky. I know an example when a 90-year-old woman, the mother of 3 children, will celebrate this holiday alone. Her children cannot/do not want to find time to visit their her to celebrate the holiday. 

# 3 is something that should not become a tradition.

Some traditions disappear, others appear.

Although I really hope that THIS one will not become a tradition. Otherwise, life will become very scary.

So, a young woman claims that she married her zombie-doll.

Felicity Kadleck, 20, has tied the knot with Kelly Rossi, a zombie doll she claims is 37 years old. The ceremony took place in Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA, and was attended by eight other Felicity dolls to express their support.

If I understand correctly she had a wedding ceremony, but not an officially registered marriage. I really hope so. I post a link to the article about it down below. 

The girl has a YouTube channel.

The wedding happened in 2019. I’m writing about it now, because there are rumors that Felicity was seen in New Bedford.

I try to be modern: young guys with peeling nail polish, girls completely covered with tattoos, rainbow-colored hair, people wearing pajamas in public – do not surprise me. It’s none of my business, right?

But my tolerance also has a limit.

Although, who knows, maybe in 10-20 years people will start marrying Irobots or dishwashers.

I would like to use Alice’s from Wonderland quote“Curiouser and curiouser!” but in fact I’m getting scarier.

Between the Russian “God loves the Trinity” and the American “Good/bad things happen three times”, I prefer the riddle “Which half is easy to divide into three?”

If you know the answer, write.

If you don’t, ask.



Author: Elena

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