How to find and lose a friend in 1 day? The mission is possible!

In short – accept a friend request and refuse the services from that “new friend”.

The story:

One recent morning, I got a friend request (on FB) from a lady named Tatjana. 

I like an expression that I learned here: “Sorry, I am not sorry”.

The expression from me is “I was surprised, but not surprised.”

Lately, I started getting friend requests often, almost daily. 

And I don’t do anything special: I don’t advertise myself, I don’t sell anything, I don’t write posts. However, sometimes I share photos/posts from Instagram / Telegram.

In general, FB and its younger brother IG are not my favorite platforms.

There is a joke: I like people who like me. They have good taste.

Facebook and Instagram don’t like me. Once upon a time, for an unknown reason, they banned my blog, and don’t publish links to it anymore. Those of you who have seen my “Chasing the Adventure” know how small and harmless this blog is.

I continue to use FB to communicate with my in-laws and friends who I met  after relocation to the USA.

I am keeping Instagram for self-educational purposes, so that my brains don’t “dry up”.

So, in the morning I received a friend request from Tatiana. On her page, everything seemed peaceful: a teacher by education, loves to travel, play sports, a specialist in healthy nutrition (here I was wary) and rejuvenation of the body (is it really so obvious that I need to rejuvenate my body?)

Tatiana lives in Russia. Even if she persuades me to buy something, I won’t be able to make the payment. Russia is now in a vacuum, neither banks nor paypal are working. Tatiana, as a businesswoman, should have known this.

The request was accepted, communication began – what are you doing? What are your hobbies? How do you support yourself? The usual set of questions at the beginning of communication.

…  but I was still concerned, why did she write to me?

By the middle of the day, everything became clear.

It turns out that this woman has a MISSION (or she is on a mission?): to give everyone information about maintaining their health. She offers short videos and herself as a specialist.

Oh, my God! Do I need it? 

Well, there’s no time for me to watch a video from someone who I don’t know, and about a subject I am not interested to know about. I weave a rug for the bathroom, knit a sweater (3 pcs), record recipes on my cell phone (sometimes), and plan to post them on YouTube and Pinterest. I read one book, listen to another one  and want to read 10 more. Sometimes, when I remember that I am a wife, I cook lunch/dinner … and so on … and most importantly, I do not plan to live up to 100 years and die a beautiful old woman.

The second half of the day I thought about how to briefly and politely refuse her service. 

So,  I wrote, sorry, I don’t have time to watch your videos and I don’t need you to send me information.

Think about it, she was offended – she removed me from friends.

P.S. This morning I accepted an invitation from another woman. She wrote  about herself –  a coach, a business coach, a psychologist.


Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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