I got a message

There is an expression (more like a joke): if you like a girl, grab her and make her happy.

I recently received a message from an acquaintance that made me remember this expression.

The story is:

7 years ago I joined the site to practice English. 

The site has several categories: postal pen pals, flirting and romance, meeting in person, language practice, friends. You must have a little knowledge of English and a valid email address to create an account.

I was pleased to get some messages literally the next morning. I made a few friends and started a journey into my studying.  My friends were mostly men. There was nothing wrong with that.

My husband Daniel tells that women are smarter and more interesting to talk with.

We exchanged emails and, whenever possible, spoke on Skype. I can tell you that it was fascinating  to be able to understand and have a conversation in a language other than your own.

Although, I was terribly embarrassed by my clumsy English, I really wanted to learn. So when one person stopped getting in touch, I was talking to another. Communicating with different people was very helpful in terms of practice.

Returning to the beginning of my story, I received a message from Mr. S. Even though we met 7 years ago, I cannot call him a friend. We haven’t talked for 3-4 years. But he and his ex-wife adopted two Russian children. I couldn’t forget that fact. He wrote, “ At the time, I was very interested in you, potentially romantically.  But, I saw you had to work out things in your life. Then we lost touch, and next thing I know, you had an American man”.

His words made me think. In a way, he was right-only I could make a decision and sort out my life.

 But sometimes we need someone who will not only listen to us. A person who will also talk to us about different ways of life. After all, we often need the right word, or “foul word“ or “kick.” We need someone brave who will not be afraid to take responsibility by giving advice.

With my Internet friends, we talked about everyday topics: nature, weather, recipes, garden. They probably didn’t understand why I was living with my back then husband, but they didn’t teach me about life, didn’t offer love online,didn’t condemn, just communicated. At the time, I thought they were all intelligent people who respected my choice. But what it really was? 

According to Mr. S., He just didn’t want to be bothered.

Daniel was the complete opposite. When he realized I wasn’t happy, he decided to try to make me happy. He helped me to overcome my hesitation and take the first step towards my back then dream. He wasn’t sure that everything would work, neither was I. We both took a chance. He made an attempt, I trusted him. 

Here we go… he grabbed the girl and made her happy. I got a truthful reliable husband, he got a restless wife.

But there is still a question where is the line between respect and indifference? Or the matter is in different mentalities?

P.S. If you have found the woman of your dream, you can say goodbye to  your other dreams.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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