Mice and rabbits

or who/what lives in your garden?

-Where are you going?- Daniel asked as I struggled with a jacket over my hoodie.

-Feed the rabbits, – I replied.

And indeed, where can you go wearing home- fleece- sweatpants, hoodies with a hood on your head and a thin jacket in sub-zero weather and without makeup?

Well, you know that we feed a flock of sparrows and a few fat squirrels. The ones who can still climb up the iron pole to the bird feeder. 

Rabbits have joined them  recently. 

In the autumn they were often seen in our garden. Daniel even thought they lived under a shed. But if that were the case, Crackle would bark at the shed often, for a long time and be annoying. But he was not noticed for this, so I conclude that the rabbits are the visitors, not tenants.

The rabbits appeared again as soon as the snow melted down. They came to chew green grass. I can’t catch them with the camera. But I leave them potato peelings and leftovers from the lettuce next to the compost pile, right in front of the entrance to the “under the shed”. 

That’s not all…

Yesterday, Daniel asked: “Do you remember that “something” lives in our garage?”

Yes, I do. We found traces of some kind of rodent.

-So, – Daniel declared triumphantly, – it’s a mouse. I saw him today. 

He, the mouse, feeds on bird food, a big plastic bag with which is in the garage. The mouse found this package, made a hole, and eats it…

-Well, what did you do?

-I put the bag in the bucket, and poured the food for the mouse into a separate bowl.

Well, of course, so that he continues to eat in the garage.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised.

And Daniel hastened to add: it’s temporary while it’s cold outside and there’s not enough food.

So, today, next to the feeder, we saw a flock of sparrows, squirrels (I saw three), starlings and robins, and even a woodpecker.

And of course, Crackle did not miss the opportunity to show his diligence in protecting our garden, he was chasing squirrels and barking at “God knows what”.

And what/who lives in your garden?

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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