Monday’s word of the day is nostalgia

On Monday, I worked nostalgically at the Lawler branch, chatted nostalgically with a former colleague and regular patrons, even the rain on the roof sounded nostalgic...

Nostalgia can be different: for work, for  young age, for the motherland, for … simple life (does anyone else have such a thing?).

Nostalgia for the motherland, youth and simple life I treat with old Soviet detective films, thanks to YouTube.

Recently, once again, I watched the Village Detective based on the works of Vil’ Lipatov.

The main character of the books /films is an elderly village policeman who knows the life and customs of the people of his village.

Here is a link to the movie. I doubt there are English subtitles. But you can see the Siberian Soviet village, houses, roads, and how people dressed.

My grandmother, aunt and uncle lived in a very similar village, only on a small river, so they didn’t have a pier like in the movie.

One day, when I was visiting my uncle, his cow came home from the pasture. And that’s good, right? But she started chewing on my almost new white T-shirt drying on a rope. We took the t-shirt away (or out of her mouth). But there were green grass stains on it (the cow chewed the T-shirt along with the grass, it probably tasted better that way) and holes from teeth (she used to chew thoroughly). 😂

As a city girl, I’m afraid of cows, I don’t miss them at all. 

However, I miss the simple way of life. It seems that at that time everything was simple and clear. Adults worked, children went to school. In the evenings families watched black and white TV (at least 1 channel was working). Villagers kept chickens, cows, pigs, and planted a huge vegetable garden. The dishes were washed in a basin, the laundry was rinsed in the river, the toilets were outside.

In the village, everyone lived almost the same. No one jumped above his head.

The government made sure that everyone worked and did not drink a lot.

Citizens built communism and hoped for a happy future.

Vil’ Lipatov wrote the first book about the village policeman Aniskin in 1967, the first film was shot in 1968. The last film of this series was shot in 1978, and in 1979 Lipatov died.

And now, in 2022, I’m watching an old TV series feeling sad for a simple life that I didn’t have.* 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back to black&white TV era. I don’t believe in the utopia of communism. I like all kinds of progress we can use now.

I just need some hope for a happy future. The happy future with no war in it.

July 21, the 148th day of the war.

 *I was born late and lived in the city. We lived on the outskirts of the city in an old small one-story house. We had a small vegetable garden, a toilet outside, a dog and cats for animals. It would seem to be a fairly simple life. But in the city, the difference in the wealth of people has always been more noticeable. So, life is not so easy when you are trying to compete or trying to be at least equal with some others.

Author: Elena

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