My Autumn in photos

I was born on a beautiful May morning. But my favorite time of year is charming Autumn.

It started when I was a child. Unlike other children I waited for September 1 and the beginning of the academic year. 

 Over the years, my love to Autumn only intensified. I consider it the most beautiful and comfortable time of the year.

After a hot summer, it’s so nice to put on a soft hoodie and sweatpants.

Hot tea at any time of the day no longer shocks my husband. It’s hard for him to understand how I can drink hot tea at 90 °F.

If I lived in Russia, I would say that autumn is the harvest season. And here in the US , it’s just the end of the garden season. Cucumbers have died a long time ago, corn was eaten by now. Tomato plants produce tomatoes until literally before the first frost in November. And the parsley is still green.

Autumn is a bright time of year.The leaves on trees are changing in extremely colorful ways. Forests and parks are full of yellow, green and crimson-red colors .In Fall you do not want to stay home. When I was a child, I made garlands of fallen leaves. Now I am amusing myself by raking leaves in front of the house and putting them in barrels.

For some people, autumn is a season of rains. For me, the rain is an excuse to take a break from working in the yard and cook a delicious soup. Daniel doesn’t eat soups in the summer because of the heat. 

Autumn is the season of preparing firewood, lighting the fireplace and knitting a new sweater.

And Autumn is the season of decorations… Homes across the country display traditional Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.If I were a real American, I would decorate the house and yard for every holiday. I think that I will gradually learn this thing.

American autumn is usually long and warm. But not this year. Or it just seems. In the meantime, I will hope that it will last until April.

P.S.Quote about autumn from my son(@razzhivin555 his Instagram):

    Autumn is the smell of burnt leaves, which were collected by the janitors at five in the morning, and the little first-graders set fire to, going to the first lesson.

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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