“Shirley Valentine” in my life

Recently I remembered a movie “Shirley Valentine”, yesterday I got the mood to watch it again. 

Back then 21 years ago I did not see the beginning of the film, I didn’t even know its title. I was switching  from the TV-channel to the videorecording, checking on my video tapes. At some point, the film captured all my attention, I just could not turn myself away.

I was impressed by the parallels between my back then life and the life of the main character Shirley. Then 21 years ago, I excitedly told my girlfriends episodes from the movie. Especially I was stunned when she was talking to the wall. So familiar situation when no one listens to you.  I’m not going to retell the movie now, in a case if someone wants to watch it. Back then for some reason I could not draw conclusions. Maybe I wasn’t ready for a change in my life. Perhaps my character was not sufficiently tempered to fulfill the dream. And in general did I have a dream at that time?

Photo by Iraida Henderson

Shirley had it – Sunny Greece, a table by the warm sea, wine from a jug, sunset. And it was only necessary to show courage and defend her point of view, to return to herself. And then the dream has come true. But there is no sense of satisfaction.  She sits on the beach and thinks: “What is happening to us? Why do we let someone change us? Why do we need thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams if we don’t use them? Life passes. We get lost in this unused life”.

People say that dreams are not always where we expect them. Not there or not then?

Greece, Photo by Emil Gotovetskiy

It took me 15 years to get back to myself, and 6 more to just remember the existence of a movie “Shirley Valentine”. The movie has an open end, you can make it up. The point is she was heard.

 I was very glad to see this one again.  And I was happy to find only one parallel between us – a dream come true. 

Highly recommend this movie to everyone!

Author: Elena

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