My small American wedding

6 wedding anniversary dedicated to

On average, Americans spend a year preparing for a wedding. Daniel and I didn’t have that much time. I came to the United States on a fiancee visa, which means that after three months I must be married or leave the country.  

Since I did not know the traditions and hardly spoke English, the whole burden of preparation fell on Dan’s shoulders. Compounding the situation was the time of year: I arrived at the end of October, in November Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, in December – Christmas. These are two big family holidays. It was necessary to contrive and find a convenient date in between the holidays. The choice fell on December 7, Saturday.

The Justice of Peace registered us. Daniel found him in the yellow pages directory. At the pre- meeting, by the way at the justice’s house, we showed our documents (proved that we have the right to marry) and discussed the date. I asked the judge to see the Vow. I wanted to read it if I know all the words. He replied favorite American expression “You’re going to be fine”. Well…at the wedding, Daniel said part of my vow with me because I didn’t know the words and didn’t understand what I was saying. Right now, I would search the Internet, find a typical vow, and memorize it. But back then, 6 years ago, I couldn’t believe, that all is happening with me. So I swore I don’t know what.


Our neighbor offered to rent a super budget hall with his Panthers athletic & social club membership. In short, it is a bar and event space with a private entrance and a small Parking lot.  On Friday evening we decorated the hall, arranged the tables as we needed. On each table we put a vase with flowers, and a gift for each guest – a beautiful little candle in the wedding style. The downside was that we couldn’t bring our liquor, our guests had to buy their drinks at the bar. The pros, we were allowed to bring our champagne for the first toast.


It was simple and difficult at the same time. Daniel decided on a restaurant – Riccardi’s.  But what to order?…Carrie (maid of honor and friend’s wife) helped us. She and Dan chose the menu. The food was delicious and delivered on time, in the best possible way placed on specially prepared tables.


We ordered a wedding cake from the Market basket store. Steve (friend and neighbor in one person) got it and brought it to the wedding.

Music, DJ

Carrie introduced us to the DJ (unfortunately I don’t remember his name). Daniel talked to him about what music he wanted and didn’t want to hear at our wedding. I showed a couple of songs I wanted to dance to. I’d say the DJ totally led our wedding. We were very satisfied.


Daniel had a nice suit, shoes, tie. But I had to buy a dress. First, we went shopping with Carrie, thanks to her. But we bought it with Daniel. Although here, as in Russia, it is not customary to show the groom a dress before the wedding. But we had no choice.


I don’t know why, but we ordered a bouquet. There were no unmarried ladies at the wedding…..a bouquet with a boutonniere cost us as much as a dress! I was shocked!


We went to a hairdresser Rita.  Daniel has known her for years. She gave Dan a  haircut and made my hairstyle for free. Thank her! 


Our neighbor and friend Steve gave us a gift-ordered a photographer. It was very unexpected and pleasant.

In short, the wedding was so cool!!! This time I experienced all the “delights” of pre-wedding preparation. But it was worth it

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