November is everywhere

Yesterday I wrote a post in Russian.

Just simple “about us”.

Here I will be talking about Tomsk, a little bit about Russia, and about us too. 

November 20th –  the 270th day of war.

The life of Tomsk goes on as usual… or almost as usual.

-Positive daytime temperatures (above 32°F) prevailed in Tomsk until mid-November, the Tom River has not frozen yet. The cold snap began on Thursday, on Friday morning it was – 20°C (-4°F) in the city.

Cloudy weather with clarifications, gusty winds and -11-13°C are expected in Tomsk on Saturday, light snow is possible.

It’s November there now. The falling snow will no longer melt, but will accumulate until April.

-In this weather, the best place to be is a nice warm apartment. But many people do not have such an opportunity.

Tomichi (several people)  bought apartments in a building under construction. This is quite common in Russia, a normal practice. It is a normal practice if the developer is honest. But an honest developer is quite a non-normal thing in Russia. 

Shareholders of the housing and construction cooperative (HBC) have been waiting for the commissioning of the building for five years. On Saturday, they went on a picket, not paying attention to the weather. (Ria Tomsk News)

Who knows when and how their problem will be solved. If this is ever resolved.

-On the other hand, Tomichi that have money go on vacations as usual (or almost as usual). The most popular foreign destinations for Tomichi on New Year’s holidays are Thailand, Egypt, and the UAE, but the demand for trips to Russia at this time is also high. The only difference is they are planning a vacation not in six months, as before, but in one or two months.  (Ria Tomsk News)

-Tomichi supported the cancellation of direct mayoral elections at public hearings.

About 100 residents of the city on Tuesday took part in public hearings on changing the procedure for the election of the mayor of Tomsk; most of those involved supported the cancellation of direct elections. Now the mayor will be chosen not by residents, but by deputies of the city from among the candidates approved by the competition commission.

One of the reasons for this decision was the fact of low turnout at the vote. People often believe that regardless of their votes, the election results will be falsified.  (Ria Tomsk News) 

My opinion – it will bring more corruption to the city officials. 

-There is a Construction Park store in Tomsk (like Lowe’s here).

Customers to the store were evacuated from this store twice on Saturday due to a false fire alarm in the cafe. Specialists of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations are engaged in alarm repair. (Ria Tomsk News) 

In Tomsk, the fire alarm went off due to a malfunction, but in Moscow the fire was very real.

-In Moscow, a fire broke out in a two-story brick warehouse building on the Square of Three Railway Stations.

It is reported that seven people were evacuated from the building.  80 rescuers, 20 pieces of equipment, as well as three Ka-32 MAC helicopters and a fire train were involved in the elimination of the fire.

The fire area has reached 2.5 thousand square meters, extinguishing is complicated by a complex layout.

Officials of the  Russian Railways said, there is no threat to passengers and train traffic.

The Moscow Department of Transport also reported that the emergency does not affect traffic.( 

Here is a link to the article.

And again about the weather, or rather, nature.

The eruption of the Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka began on November 20.

This is reported by If you follow the link you will see a short video.

The video with a frequency of one frame per minute shows how a column of ash rises from the mouth of the volcano and covers the area around. The height of the ash was up to 5 thousand meters, according to the Kamchatka volcanic eruption response group, the plume of ash emissions spread 10 km in a north-easterly direction towards Ozernoye Bay. There are no settlements on its way.

And a little about us…

My husband and I are doing well.

Another time he scared me by announcing that his factory wants all the workers to come to work on Thanksgiving!?! I was shocked! Everyone was shocked!

But Daniel said he was going to be home. We invited friends, bought turkey and ham, wine and beer, potatoes and carrots. We are ready.

Crackle is going to the vet on Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving. He needs to have a couple of teeth removed, the rest will be cleaned, the abscess on his lower back (LOL) will be cleaned too.  He will feel achy the next day but… he doesn’t need to go to work, he has good food, a big yard and a warm house. 

I sewed a bed for him. Of course it is difficult for him to sort out the bed cover. But he looks so cute when he sleeps there.  

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