October, 2022

8 months since the beginning of the war

The war has been going on for more than 8 months. It does not let me enjoy life, the weather,  the sun.

By the way, snow has fallen in Tomsk. It will most likely melt. But in a week it will fall again and for the whole winter at that time.

I try to occupy my brain with something pleasant… projects in the library, projects at home, socializing with friends, hobbies. This helps for a short period, but the anxiety does not let go. Daniel said to plan the next vacation, but I can’t get into the planning mode. 

I continue to watch YouTube (on various topics) and read telegram channels. And of course I learn Tomsk news from riatomsk.ru. By the way, there is an English version of the site. But it seems to have less information in it.

At the beginning of the war, someone came up with the expression that Putin cured everyone of COVID.

However, two new variants of the coronavirus have been discovered in Russia, including a subspecies of the omicron strain called Cerberus.  The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova admitted to reporters that by the end of autumn, some increase in morbidity is possible. But she said there are no grounds for the introduction of restrictive measures.

Here in the US, I haven’t heard of those variants yet. I have heard there are many patients in the local hospital near my home. Not surprising. Fewer and fewer people are wearing masks, while the virus is still here.

The speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Volodin conducted a survey on his telegram-channel regarding whether citizens believe that the coronavirus infection was created artificially. As a result, 95 percent of people answered in the affirmative.

It’s like… anytime when you have a question ask your reading audience, not the scientists, God forbid to ask them. You rather ask your followers and find someone to blame. 

The Chairman of the State Duma drew attention to the fact that the Pentagon has 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world and called on the UN to conduct an independent investigation into the involvement of the United States in the emergence of the coronavirus.

He also made a statement that Washington should compensate countries for the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Imagine. It’s all watched by Russian citizens, those who believe TV.

Meanwhile in Tomsk

Deputies of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region on Thursday canceled the direct election of the mayor of Tomsk; the corresponding changes to the charter of the city will be made by municipal deputies- RIA Tomsk.

Now the mayor of Tomsk will be chosen not by residents, but by a competition commission.

Well, Citizens in Russia do not choose politicians, even if they vote. So, why spend the money on the election? 

There is less and less order in Russia. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Or it knows, but pretends not to.

On Friday, October 28, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin that      partial mobilization in Russia has been completed, military enlistment offices will continue recruiting volunteers.  

On Thursday, October 27, the governor of the Tomsk region Mazur said that the mobilization campaign is not over yet.

He could not say exactly how many people have already been sent to the front and how many more will be mobilized from the Tomsk oblast.

Meanwhile, there are not enough drivers of public transport (trolleybuses) in the city. Of course, trolleybuses can also be operated by women. I remember that there used to be a lot of female tram drivers.

Yes, yes, there are buses, trolleybuses and trams in Tomsk, there is no only the subway. The city’s population has not yet reached one million people.

If you remember, my sister’s brother-in-law was mobilized. He is 39 years old, and he considered himself not qualified for the war. But he was sent to Ukraine. He caught a cold. 

As you may know from the TV news, many soldiers live in tents (due to the lack of barracks). They complain about the lack of training, uniforms, weapons and food.

Well, Sergey got sick with a cold, went to the hospital and hoped that the military enlistment office would sort it out and send him home. But he was unlucky here. 

I can’t tell you where he is, but not in Tomsk. There is no permanent connection with him. Cell phones among soldiers (with Internet access) are prohibited. But fortunately, not all conscripts obey the laws.

There are many videos recorded by the mobilized on Youtube.

If you are interested in watching them, copy the word мобилизация and paste it into the YouTube search bar. In videos, they speak Russian, usually without subtitles and a lot of obscene language, so it’s up to you. 

However, I would recommend you watch a couple of videos. 

In this video, an old woman (babushka) came out with a poster “Mothers, stop the war”. The city of Omsk. I don’t think I need to translate what people are saying. But that old woman is very brave. I am more than sure she will be released from custody in a few hours. 

Next video is shorter. Someone set fire to the military enlistment office building in Kemerovo. The fire was extinguished, and a woman suspected of arson was detained .

The list of incidents is endless.

Everything that happens is just frightening.

I can’t wait for the end.

In the meantime I try to distract myself from watching news and analytics. 

Daniel, with my help, trimmed the bushes today. 

Rain and snow with wind are expected in Tomsk But here, the weather was just perfect for the yard work. 

We bought candies for trick-and-treating. Hopefully we will get some kids tomorrow night.  

I wonder what parents do with all these candies?

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