Post of pride

” I probably did something right in my life, ” I thought after reading a short post on my son’s Instagram, the eldest son.

My eldest son’s name is Slava (full name Vyacheslav). He has my face, as Daniel said,  short stature, and medium build. Slava is like me, but he is smarter, braver, and more purposeful. Maybe he’s more pragmatic. He is able to adapt to the surrounding reality and survive in our imperfect world. He liked animals, especially dogs. 

Sunday, January 31, despite the cold, Slava together with other volunteers of the movement “Common Home” helped the dog shelter “Dog House”.
The young people shoveled the snow, chopped firewood, repaired cages and … played with animals. Dogs also need a lot of tenderness.

You won’t find much information about this movement , just Instagram and Vkontakte accounts.
Volunteers of the movement “Common House” conduct programs to clean up the territory of the embankment of the Ushaika River*. As a result, In 3 months, they collected about 1 ton of garbage and more than 500 kg of sorted waste and sent it for recycling. They helped in the construction of a volleyball court.
Another direction is to help animal shelters.

One word – well done guys!

This post has no morals (just pride for the son) and there will be no question or call to action.
However, if you have your own story or opinion that you want to share, do not hesitate to leave comments.

*The Ushayka is a right tributary of the Tom. It flows into the Tom River approximately through the central part of Tomsk.

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