This is not an ad or a review. This is what has accumulated over five weeks of hot summer and home renovation work.

With bright eyes and joy in his voice, Daniel announced that a solution for the design of the front door was found. 

 -You can’t  imagine! I didn’t know what they could do!

This morning my husband was able to talk to the supervisor of masons. For the first time in 5 weeks of repairs on our house, he felt that he was talking to a professional.

 When I lived in Russia, I was frankly amused about the narrow focus of foreign specialists. Russia has always prided itself on the versatility of its employees.

A typical case: the wife is going to see a gynecologist for an annual check-up. Her husband begs her to ask the gynecologist for cough pills for him. He argues: she graduated from medical school, she’s a doctor. She should know. And the gynecologist, because “she’s a doctor”, advised pills, never seeing the woman’s husband and not hearing his cough.

In America, everything is different. Here everyone does their own thing. The physician prescribes the cough medicine, the mechanic changes the oil in the car, the masons put in the brickwork,  and the carpenters shingles the house. Everyone has their own specialization and level of professionalism.

Do you think a professional is a person who has graduated from  a professional school or a person who has made a certain occupation his profession?

According to a dictionary, a professional is a person with proven ability in his/her occupation.

I’m not a professional  in anything myself. I can cook delicious borscht, but I’m not a cook. I can give a presentation, but I’m not a speaker. I work in a library, but I’m just a library assistant, not a librarian. I can make a skirt, but I’m not a seamstress or a fashion designer.

That is why I have a deep respect and admiration for professional people, regardless of their type of activity.

There are two teams working on our house: masons and carpenters.

When I think about carpenters, I remember an anecdote : an employer hires a typist, he asks: “Can you type 1000 characters per minute?”

She replies: “Yes, I can, but it turns out to be nonsense”.

It’s different with masons. Dan had only spoken to their foreman once. He expressed his doubts about the design of the doorway and heard an expert answer about the way to solve this problem. 

A team of two people cover all the brick surfaces (chimney and wall) on the front side of the house with a stone.  Monday to Friday, from 7 AM  to 3 PM. Their work is not yet finished and has not been tested by time and weather. But every day my husband and I literally admire the result of these guys ‘ work. Every day we hope that this part of the project will be completed professionally.

The company is called Seaside Masonry.

This is not an advertisement or review. I just needed to vent. 

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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