September – extended summer

The capital of Mississippi is facing numerous water problems — there’s been too much on the ground after heavy rainfall in the past week, and not enough clean water coming through the pipes for people to use.

And there is not even a Tomskvodokanal* there.

Since the pipelines are very old and worn out, pipe breaks occur constantly. In the summer, Tomskvodokanal is trying to perform at least some repairs. Therefore, the water in Tomsk is turned off often and for a long time and not always in accordance with the shutdown schedule. Tomskvodokanal publishes information about where and when cold water will be turned off.

Citizens should be attentive to the news in summer and manage to collect enough water in their apartments to use as needed. 

Common news for the two countries is the beginning of the school year. 

Russian schoolchildren and students, I mean all of them, begin the school year on September 1.

On September 1, 126 thousand schoolchildren  (here I mean only children aged 7-17 years) will start their school year in Tomsk, which is 3 thousand less than last year. RIA Tomsk also adds that more than 11.6 thousand residents of the Tomsk region left the region, of which almost 6.3 thousand went abroad.

I’m happy I don’t have to go to school. And I’m even happier that my kids don’t have to go to school. To be honest, it was easier for me to go to school and study myself than to teach them.

I feel sorry for both parents and children about the new rules in Russian schools. From September 1, a weekly ceremony of raising the tricolor/ flag and singing the anthem of Russia will be held to foster patriotism. I have heard that in some schools teachers will have to talk about special operations in Ukraine to explain to students who is right and who is wrong.

On 1 September Vladimir Putin held an open lesson “Talking about important things” in Kaliningrad. Students, winners of Olympiads and competitions in various fields of activity, gathered in the hall. The President congratulated them on the start of the school year and emphasized that he was not conducting a lesson, but rather wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with high school students.

In his speech to the students he said that the country (Russia) is actively developing, and that all citizens should strengthen the country from within and strengthen its position in the world.

I have only two questions: how did he get to Kaliningrag and how is Russia developing now?

To other news…

On August 30, Mikhail Gorbachev died, he was 91 years old. He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the first (the only one) President of the USSR (1985-1991).

Russians are ambiguous in their assessment of his actions.

I was 16-17 years old when he became the General Secretary. I didn’t think much about politics back then. There was no democracy in the Soviet Union, citizens’ opinions meant nothing. At that time, it was more important for me to earn money and find clothes at the stores, preferably imported. Ordinary people didn’t have access to quality goods  in stores, and it was expensive in the market. 

In 2017, I read Gorbachev’s biography** here, in the US. I skipped his childhood years (It’s not easy to read a biography in a foreign language). I was interested to find out how he came to power and what was in his head.

I only realized that he wanted the best, but it turned out as always – a Russian expression.

He probably understood that the centralized/Soviet economy, which was run by the Communist Party, led the country to decline. There was an urgent need for the transition of the socialist economy to a market economy.

Of course, most of the members of the politburo who have been sitting there for years did not agree either with this or with the democratic elections.

It was difficult for Gorbachev. But he was the person under whom the country was moving forward (towards development), albeit with mistakes and jerks.

Now Russia is returning to the era of Stalin.

Of course, not all of his decisions were exceptionally correct. He had no experience in building/managing a market economy. But he was educated, intelligent and not selfish. He did not enrich himself at the expense of the country, did not build palaces for himself, did not make his closest relatives millionaires.

He wanted the best for the people, although he was not understood by the majority of citizens.

His wife, Raisa Gorbacheva, was a real First Lady. She died in 1999. Now they are together again.

A little about us…

My husband will have to work on Labor Day. It seems that the administration of the plant is mocking the workers.

My work is going on as usual. We try to help people as much as we can. But we can’t please everybody.

I am preparing to conduct a program with adults. We will make a wall hanging decoration.

The library has accumulated a lot of yarn (donations). I took branches from Dan’s woodpile and wove leaves (from yarn). I even tried to make a flier. I just need to convince potential applicants.

I got an inspection sticker. On time this year. Last year I completely forgot about it for a month or so.

I also found out where the fuses are in my car. I remember in Lada (a popular or available Russian car brand 30-50 years ago) everything was simpler and in plain sight, and in general it was possible to put a coin instead of a fuse. In my Yaris it’s a little more complicated.  Progress is moving forward.

I also found out that I am allergic to everything that blooms here. In Russia, my allergy bothered me for two summer months. Here “my summer” is extended for 6-7 months.

Time changes, and we change with it, unfortunately, not always for the better.

“You must believe that your past is not your future”. – Gayle Garson

*From Tomskvodokanal

“The main purpose of the company’s activity is to solve social problems in the field of providing high-quality water supply and sanitation services to subscribers of the city of Tomsk and a number of connected territories.”

** I didn’t finish reading the book. I will read biographies in retirement.

Author: Elena

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