Still October Tomsk news, briefly.

“Mondays are the start of the work week which offers new beginnings 52 times a year!”

David Dweck

Not everywhere and for everyone, and not always.

In Russia, the days from October 30 to November 7 were declared non-working in order to prevent the deterioration of the situation with COVID-19. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that these days should be paid by employers in full. But we will see. 

Over the past day (10/30), the official authorities have confirmed another 244 cases of COVID-19 in the Tomsk region.

From the beginning of the pandemic to October 30 – 47,701 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the region, 38,265 patients recovered, 590 died.

Since October 15, mandatory vaccination has been introduced in the region for doctors, teachers, officials, law enforcement and service sector workers, and students.

Also, from November 8, QR codes became mandatory in the region for guests of cafes and restaurants, and from November 15 – for visitors to shopping and entertainment centers, theaters, cinemas and concert halls, museums, libraries, sports facilities, fitness clubs, hairdressers and beauty salons. Those who have medical contradictions from vaccination will not be able to visit public institutions.

So, people are going to have days off, but nowhere to go. 

Well, covid-19 doesn’t go away.

-But Winter is coming. Here are photos taken by my youngest son’s girlfriend on oct 31. Snow is on the ground and more likely won’t melt. 

-However, Tomsk residents can travel. IrAero (Irkutsk airline) received permits to fly from Tomsk to the UAE. As for now, the Tomsk airport schedule has two international flights to the resorts of Egypt at least.

-It is better to travel, because … you will not believe it, more than 350 houses in the Leninsky district of Tomsk  remained without cold water on Monday (11-1). Tomskvodokanal  carried out repair work. 350 houses means 350 buildings. There can be up to 144 apartments in one building. Can you imagine yourself among these poor people?

-Forecasters predict snowfall and – 5°C (23°F). 

-A  group of companies “ЭФКО” (whatever it means) organized an online lecture for students dedicated to neurophysiology, chemistry and biotechnology.

Microbiologist and scientific Director of the University of Educational Medicine Dmitry Alekseev talked about the efficiency of the brain.

Alekseev said that stress is associated with inflammatory processes in the body. Inflammation works as a mechanism to save a person from pathogens.

“This cycle is closed. We have a brain that sends signals to our immune system cells through the vagus nerve. They raise the level of stress hormones and substances that are responsible for inflammation. Our stress levels are increasing, no matter where it starts. Constant stress in the head will put pressure on the immune system”, he said.

Alekseyev noted that in order to control stress, it is necessary to keep the vagus nerve, which connects all organs inside the human body, in good shape. Among the techniques supporting the vagus nerve in tone, the expert named cold (showering and hardening), slow breathing, singing and gargling, probiotics, meditation, activity (for example, running), massage, laughter and active socialization.

Alekseyev called multitasking, which is so popular among employers, one of the main sources of stress today.

Multitasking, doesn’t it sound familiar?

This is exactly what I try to do.. All my jobs, hobbies and activities. 

Quota for today from unknown: “I really need a day in between Sunday and Monday.”

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