Sunday thoughts

-The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing, – I reassured myself when I estimated the amount of work.

Daniel and I had planned to change the fence post today.

We put up this fence in 2015, when we adopted Crackle*. We didn’t do it ourselves. We hired people from the store where we bought this fence.

Apparently, they used cheap, untreated water-resistant poles. Because after 3 years, during a storm, two columns had broken.

We installed the new ones, by ourselves. And  decided to leave this one for later. “Later” came today.

I was worried about the dog. He likes to follow us back and forth. How can we keep him at home? Daniel reassured me: Crackle usually has a daily afternoon nap at this time.

After two hours of digging, pushing, pulling, grabbing, lifting, lowering, holding … I was standing with the level in my right hand, and a post in my left one. Daniel was filling the hole with rocks and ground. I kept my eyes on the air bubble in the oil in the level and thought … If my husband had been a teacher, as he planned when he studied at Boston University, maybe he would not have been able to change the fence posts. Then we would just hire specially trained people…

-I’ll hire someone next time,- Dan heard my thoughts.

Telepathy is certainly great. But I strongly doubt that Daniel, the teacher, would not be able to fix the fence. And “specially trained people” (“read contractors”) are not a panacea for broken poles.

And how is/was your Sunday going?

* It was impossible to take Crackle for a walk  2-3 times a day, he absolutely did not know how to walk on a leash. But after we got the fence the whole backyard was at his disposal.

Author: Elena

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