Sweet Dreams: believe or not believe

The ability to interpret  dreams can help to know what to expect in the coming day. There are some proven ones by Siberian women who hardly sees dreams. So, don’t take them seriously.

Hello my friends.

Do you dream, do you believe in them, can you interpret?

I have dreams very rarely. When I was a teenager (14-16 years), I believed in dreams. Then I’ve grown up and stopped having dreams. I didn’t really want. The thing is while you are in bed, you remember your dream.  Then you forget and worry: if it was a prophetic dream and I don’t remember. Anyway, I see dreams not often, but can share some knowledge in the interpretation of some of them. My husband usually laughs at me: where did you get it from? And I answer: from life. He tells that Russians are superstitious and he is right.

Well, how can you do not believe? For example, last night I had a dream about a baby boy. If you see a little boy in your dream it means someone will come in. We didn’t expect any guests. I had to work all day. So, I assumed that someone will come to my work.  But nobody came. I’ve thought the dream could not come true because I dreamed early in the morning (after 4 am). Can you imagine what happened when husband and I had dinner the same evening?…. Our neighbor came over suddenly! The fact is I treat our neighbors with vegetables from the garden (tomatoes and cucumbers). And that neighbor Manny has decided to treat us with the corn, I thank him twice. First thanks for the corn. The second is for once again justifying the interpretation.

Here are some interpretations (those, which I remember):

Dog – meeting with a friend

Cat – meeting with the enemy

Gypsy – you will be deceived

Dirty water, sweeping the floors – a bad dream

Dollars (Money-bills) – to money and the more, the better

Change (Money) – trouble

Cockroaches – profit, success in business

Pig – someone will let you down

Baby- girl-someone will surprise you

Baby- boy-someone will come

Blood – meeting with a blood relative

Climbing up – a good dream, I interpret it as overcoming, reaching a new frontier

The dead person – changing of weather. If the dead person will call you  – do not go, otherwise you will not wake up

To fly – to grow, often these dreams are dreams of children.

You may not believe in my interpretations, you would rather consider them as a joke. On the Internet you can find a lot of all sorts of dream books. My advice – do not read Miller’s dream book, as far as I remember there are very negative descriptions.

Sweet dreams!

Author: Elena

Hi, My name is Elena. I am Russian living in the US. My blog is about my life and experience. This is my new hobby. So, please, don't be too hard on me. Thanks

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