Nowadays silent cinema

I remember two years ago I came home from work and found my husband watching TV. I sat down next to him for a minute… on TV, Tom Cruise was speaking Spanish. At first I thought it was a scene in the movie. Then I realized that the whole movie was in Spanish. And nevertheless  Daniel was  sitting  and watching.

FYI, my husband is from a family of French Canadians, he speaks English and some French. But he doesn’t know Spanish from the word AT ALL.

This situation could have two explanations: 1) my husband was so tired that …well, very tired; 2) the film was so Action, it’s just enough to watch.

Why am I writing this…

We watched a John Wick movie in the evening. In the scenes where guys were supposed to speak Russian, I read the subtitles, because I didn’t understand their Russian at all. So I remembered the case of Tom Cruise in Spanish… 

There are movies where words are not needed. 

What kind of movies do you prefer?