April 11, 2022

47th day of the war

Before the beginning  of the war I started my day of scrolling Instagram or FB.

Now I start and end my day with YouTube. I follow “Popular politics”, Живой гвоздь (Live Nail), Yuri Shvets,  Maйкл Наки (Michael Naki), ICTV TV Channel, Alexey Arestovich, Ivan Yakovina, Dmitry Gordon. I listen to the opinions of Valery Solovey (political scientist), Dmitry Potapenko (businessman and economist) and Grigory Yudin (political scientist) and others.

It’s getting a little overwhelming.

I am confused about the channels, ranks/ specialties of the guests, I no longer remember which Minister of Military Affairs of Russia was a simple driver during his service in the army. But I watch/listen and try to figure it out.

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