December news in January

Many years ago, by December 31, I had to  prepare 3-4 salads, 5-6 appetizers , hot dish, fish, etc. (well, Russians know) in order to properly/ deliciously/ joyfully celebrate the New Year.

Now I listen to my sister’s voice messages, where she complains that she has to separate the herring from the bones for salad, and I envy her. I make the “herring under a fur coat” salad only once every 3-4 years ((((

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Май, Бостон, забастовка

Забастовка идет своим чередом, поезда приходят по расписанию. 

“Все запутаннее и запутаннее” – подумала я прочитав, пресс релиз от администрации Губернатора Бейкера.

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