Hygge in American with a Russian accent

It seems winter has come. It’s not about the calendar, but about the temperature. Now I leave the house earlier to warm up the car and keep a shovel in the car in case of an unexpected snowfall.

I want to watch “Home Alone” and “Die Hard”. But I dress up as cabbage and go to work.

It’s good that the Scandinavians came up with Hygge.

Lately we can hear this  word quite often. 

And just recently, someone donated the book The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking to our library. 

The author says that learning to pronounce Hygge is easier than explaining what it is*. 

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve already learned a few interesting things. 

For example, Denmark and Norway were once (before 1814) one kingdom. I probably didn’t study history well at school, or maybe I didn’t see anything useful in memorizing this information and quickly forgot. And yet, the author claims that the expression “there is no bad weather, only bad  clothing” is Danish. Whereas I translated it to Dan as Russian. Most likely, in every country with a specific climate there is an expression that sounds about the same in English.

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4 days before the New Year

Monday (after Christmas), evening, downtown in a small city, few cars, even fewer people.

Daniel and I went for a walk. Each time he chose the side of the sidewalk close to the roadway.  It was not necessary but really nice of him.

Daniel noticed that there were fewer lights in the shop windows this year. Less than when? Probably before the pandemic.

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December, masks, test kits

A few days ago my house was mask free. I have to wear a mask at work (at least 7 hours), I also wear a mask in all public places (shops, pharmacies, buses, post office). But the house and car were my mask free zones.

Everything changed in one day.

December 21. In the morning Dan had a meeting at work. Several mechanics were sitting indoors, at a distance from each other, but for 30 minutes.

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