A New Year is a new beginning or end of magic

….. with Elena Bria

American Christmas is over. People are getting ready for a New Year celebration, aren’t they? I know for sure Russians are.

 The New Year is the most favorite  Russian holiday. To make it festive people save money, buy delicatessen, which they usually cannot afford. Houses get cleaned, clothes get washed, housewives exchanged with the recipes of salads

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Elena Bria, “New York is incredible city”

For the first time I saw Elena Bria’s paintings in 2017. Dedeeshattuckgallery gallery had exhibition of Paintings by young artists from St. Petersburg. Back then Elena was a student at the Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg.

This summer Dedee contacted me that one of the artists was in America and was visiting her.

 I jumped at the chance to talk to a talented artist. I myself am far from art, but I admire gifted people who create paintings, music, poems…

So, we got together for talking, walking, and exploring New Bedford.

It turned out that Lena spent 10 days in New York. She said: “To be honest, I’m right shocked by New York (in a good way).  It’s an incredible city. It seems to me that it cardinally changes destinies of people”.

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