American roads and déjà vu

I more than sure that every one of us had a déjá vu. It happened to me today.

The story is: in January I lost a hubcap of my car’s wheel. I actually consider my car as a new best friend. However, it’s my husband who usually notices the loss of hubcaps. As I said, in January we lost the hubcap. But we found it in three days on the roadside not very far from our house.

And so, three days ago I lost the hubcap again (from the other wheel). As usual, my husband discovered that fact. This morning we traditionally found the loss on the same street as the first time.

Déjá vu

Unfortunately, we were unlucky, and hubcap was broken.

My friends, be careful driving on Hawthorn Street (New Bedford), street of “lost and found” hubcaps.

How often did you have déjá vu? What is was?

Speaking with an accent

Hello my friends.

I speak with an accent. Of course, I do. I am Russian and do not have linguistic education or specific talent. My husband tells me, “If you get rid of your accent you will loose your charm”.

I try hard to sound right but often get the questions as “What nationality are you? Or where are you originally from?”. It’s quite normal in my situation. Continue reading “Speaking with an accent”

The Fifth Anniversary of Arrival, looking back

Is 5 years a short or long period of life? It depends on many factors. Maybe there’s no right answer or in other words, all answers are right.

On October 20, 2013

I crossed the border of the country, which became my new home. Brave I was heading towards my new life, and was not afraid at all. Thinking I knew English and would be able to adapt quickly.

In fact, it turned out that I understood only every third word, I didn’t know the names of the products, I didn’t know how to cook American food and in general …..there was no buckwheat in the stores and butter tasted like margarine.

Continue reading “The Fifth Anniversary of Arrival, looking back”