Old friends I keep

 Dedicated to friends 

Many years ago in Russia, people did not go to see psychologists. Women met in the kitchens and men in garages. It was there among friends they could share their grief, hear words of support, and maybe advice.

Who chooses friends for us? Universe, circumstances, fate? 

Maybe it’s all together?

There were three friends (female). They were close in age, married, had two children, lived in the same neighborhood.They walked with the children in the same Playground. And in bad weather days they met in the kitchen. They were similar but had different views on life, hobbies and interests..

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Liberty and Ellis Islands

Why have I decided to write of them now? Simply because May is coming soon. It means my birthday. And two years ago I had an one-day trip to Statue of Liberty as a birthday gift. It’s about time to make a decision of my upcoming birthday.

For now I’ll tell you what I’ve learned during that (two years ago) one day trip.

Liberty and Ellis Islands – historical sights of the United States. This is the same as the Red Square in Moscow: all Russians know about it, but not all have been there.

So, both islands are located in New York Harbor. Visitors arrive and depart Liberty and Ellis Islands via ferries.

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