September – extended summer

The capital of Mississippi is facing numerous water problems — there’s been too much on the ground after heavy rainfall in the past week, and not enough clean water coming through the pipes for people to use.

And there is not even a Tomskvodokanal* there.

Since the pipelines are very old and worn out, pipe breaks occur constantly. In the summer, Tomskvodokanal is trying to perform at least some repairs. Therefore, the water in Tomsk is turned off often and for a long time and not always in accordance with the shutdown schedule. Tomskvodokanal publishes information about where and when cold water will be turned off.

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Hot Summer 2022

August 1, 159th day of the war

Gasoline has become cheaper, water (water bill) has become more expensive, creative projects hardly help not to get bogged down in the swamp of everyday life and not to go crazy from the horror of the news.

I’ll start with a pleasant one: gasoline has become cheaper. On Sunday, I paid $4.19 for a gallon (at BJ’s). Sweet. 

But the water bill went up a lot. It’s all about the long heat and lack of precipitation. We have to water everything: vegetable’s gardens, lawn, trees.  Daniel bought a sprinkler. He moves it around the garden every 15-20 minutes. This way we save time but spend money. I do not know how these water bills are compiled. But for some reason, sewage in the bill costs twice as much as water supply. Hopefully it will rain soon. 

While we have a drought in New Bedford for how long… last two-three weeks?.. There is a lot of rain in Tomsk. My friend complained that she could not (or did not want to) walk through the rainy forest to her dacha. My sister complained about huge water paddles everywhere in the city. This made her journey to work long and unpleasant. Here in the USA, we often complain about the roads. Well, Russian roads and sidewalks are often much worse.

By now, the rain has stopped in Tomsk. But another regan is under  Emergency mode due to floods. 

Flood waters flooded 1,747 residential and country houses in Chita and five districts of the Trans-Baikal Territory, rescuers evacuated 285 adults and 38 children. This was reported on August 1 in the press service of the regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Chita is a city in the south of Eastern Siberia, located on the Trans-Siberian Railway route.

I will leave a link to the article under the post. The article is in Russian but there are a couple of photos. 

I am glad that there are no such big and serious problems in Tomsk. It’s a little different there. In some areas of the city, there is no hot water in apartment buildings. In some (about 500 buildings) there will not even be cold water during the day in mid-August. But who knows… this one day can turn into two days or longer.

The infrastructure in Russia is very old. Tomskvodokanal* repairs it every year, but it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

COVID-19 is still with us, although people talk less about it.

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the city of New Bedford is growing, and in the week from July 21 to 27, the state Health Department reported 267 cases.

In the Tomsk region, 52 residents contracted the infection during the day on August 1.

Russians have stopped wearing masks almost everywhere.. Rospotrebnadzor** recommended that citizens from risk groups wear masks in crowded places and on public transport. 

And The New Bedford Light published a promising article about Dartmouth’s Toxic facility. The link is here. 

Briefly, The Tonix Dartmouth plant is developing live viral vaccines against COVID-19 and monkeypox and is increasing its production. A human trial is scheduled for 2023. It will probably be convenient to have such a plant locally.

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Monday’s word of the day is nostalgia

On Monday, I worked nostalgically at the Lawler branch, chatted nostalgically with a former colleague and regular patrons, even the rain on the roof sounded nostalgic...

Nostalgia can be different: for work, for  young age, for the motherland, for … simple life (does anyone else have such a thing?).

Nostalgia for the motherland, youth and simple life I treat with old Soviet detective films, thanks to YouTube.

Recently, once again, I watched the Village Detective based on the works of Vil’ Lipatov.

The main character of the books /films is an elderly village policeman who knows the life and customs of the people of his village.

Here is a link to the movie. I doubt there are English subtitles. But you can see the Siberian Soviet village, houses, roads, and how people dressed.

My grandmother, aunt and uncle lived in a very similar village, only on a small river, so they didn’t have a pier like in the movie.

One day, when I was visiting my uncle, his cow came home from the pasture. And that’s good, right? But she started chewing on my almost new white T-shirt drying on a rope. We took the t-shirt away (or out of her mouth). But there were green grass stains on it (the cow chewed the T-shirt along with the grass, it probably tasted better that way) and holes from teeth (she used to chew thoroughly). 😂

As a city girl, I’m afraid of cows, I don’t miss them at all. 

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Evening notes, 4, Boston


How to spend a vacation without being excruciatingly painful?

Make a to-do list, do almost everything from it, get tired.

One of the action items was a trip to Boston. Beautiful Boston… always beautiful Boston.

The decision to travel was spontaneous, as always. But there was also a plan – to go to a Russian store and meet with Dan’s sister and her husband. But they couldn’t make it to Boston  at the last moment. So I spent the whole day alone with Boston and a backpack with trophies.

Friday morning in Boston was overcast. The day was partly cloudy. Temperature – I don’t know. It’s warm in the sun, but it’s uncomfortably cool in the shade of even a small tree. Spring. It’s still spring. And in spring, cold winds often blow on sunny days.

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Evening notes, 3

-You speak with an accent. Where are you from?- the visitor asked.

-From Europe – I replied, rolling my eyes (here we go again).

The visitor turned to the door, about to leave, but realized that he had not heard the answer and asked again: from which part of Europe?

-From the cold – was the answer.

He realized that he would not get an answer and left.

I told my husband at home. He said: “Well, you could say that you are from Sweden.”

I don’t want to and don’t like to lie unnecessarily.

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Вечерние заметки, 2

Я глубоко убеждена, что изучать иностранный язык, учиться плавать и водить машину нужно чем раньше, тем лучше. 

Я начала водить машину после 40 лет, когда переехала в США. Это реально поздно. 

Мы живем в маленьком city. Здесь есть публичный транспорт в виде нескольких маршрутов автобусов. Но с машиной намного удобнее, быстрее и надежнее. И для всех вождение это не проблема. Для всех, но не для меня. 

Иногда мне кажется, что я сама придумаю трудности, чтоб жизнь сахаром не казалась. 

Общаясь со знакомыми, я признаю, что боюсь водить машину. Но не помню, чтоб когда-то об этом писала. 

Думаю, что рубрика #вечерние заметки идеально подходит для этого.  

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Evening notes, 2

I am deeply convinced that learning a foreign language, learning to swim, ride a bike, and drive a car is necessary the sooner the better.

I started driving after the age of 40, when I moved to the USA. It’s really late.

We live in a small city. There is public transportation in the form of several bus routes. But with a car it is much more convenient, faster and more reliable. And driving is not a big deal for most people. For most, but not for me. 

Sometimes it seems I myself create difficulties so that life is not always so rosy. 

In conversations, I admit that I’m afraid to get behind the wheel. But I don’t remember ever writing about it.

I think the category #evening notes category is perfect for this.

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Американские хроники, октябрь-2

“Понедельник – это начало рабочей недели, которая предлагает новые начинания 52 раза в год!”

Дэвид Двек, инвестор, предприниматель, спикер*.

В России понедельник 1 ноября – выходной день почти для всех. В Америке, как обычно обычный рабочий день. 


в округе Бристоль (читай Нью Бедфордская область)  было зарегистрировано 178 новых случаев (29 октября) и 0 (30 октября). Звучит многообещающе. 

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Воскресные мысли

-Глаза боятся, а руки делают,- думала я, когда оценивала объем работы. 

На сегодня запланировали поменять столбик у забора. 

Мы поставили этот забор в 2015 году, когда взяли Кракла из приюта*. Делали не сами. Наняли бригаду из магазина, в котором покупали этот самый забор. 

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