Укрощение каменного огорода

Я бегала по соседям и предлагала огурцы и помидоры с нашего огорода.

Подумать только, еще пару месяцев назад мое первое садоводческое лето в Массачусетсе напоминало  осаду крепости.

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Коронавирусное лето 2020-2

4 июля американцы отмечают День Независимости – федеральный праздник, посвященный провозглашению независимости Соединенных Штатов Америки.

А начиная с понедельника (6 июля) Массачусетс вступает в 3 фазу постепенного re-opening. 

Губернатор Бейкер заявил, что фаза 3 продлится дольше, чем предыдущие. А четвертая, последняя, фаза не начнется до тех пор, пока не будет доступно лечение или вакцина против КОВИД-19.  

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Lost in Boston

I was walking around Boston yesterday and I thought it was all Dan’s “fault”. He awakened the frog-traveler in me. And now I periodically need to go somewhere.  My mother used to say, ” the Domovoy (literally “Household Lord”) doesn’t like you.”

I love Boston. I go there most often spontaneously and therefore alone. It’s great when there is no specific reason, when you just get on the bus, arrive somewhere, walk in a crowd of people and pretend to be a tourist, and then return home.

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Sunday of an international family

We started our day by grocery shopping. It had been awhile since we’ve done that together. Our work schedules don’t coincide too often lately.

For breakfast we had Russian blini. Daniel, as usual, had them in American style with Maple syrup. I ate  them with jam, not sore cream though today. LOL

Later on today Daniel baked muffins (I’m pleased with the fact that a husband is a baker in our family), I did the dishes, washed clothes, and worked on my scarf. My mom wouldn’t be happy with me because of this. When I was a kid, there were some bans on Sunday’s activities. She considered knitting, sewing, doing laundry on Sunday a sin. 

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У каждой женщины  нас свои понятия о красоте и внешнем виде. Кто-то не выйдет из дома без маникюра. Кто-то больше заботится о макияже. А кто-то волнует сочетание одежды. Помните слово “комбинаторность” от Веры из Служебного романа?

Подавляющее большинство русских женщин старается выглядеть на 100%  по всем параметрам. Это своего рода стиль жизни. Мужчин в России всегда было меньше, чем женщин. А так как цель большинства  русских женщин – выйти замуж, то они всегда должны быть готовы к встрече со своим принцем. 

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My Russian remedies for cold

Many years ago in Russia, I got sick. My American friend recommended to rest and make my family to cook some chicken soup for me. It sounded really funny at that time. I didn’t see any connection between flu and chicken soup. After relocating to the US, I’ve learned that this is a very popular way to treat your cold. …cold or flu? To be honest I’ve never knew the difference between them. I had to look up online. 


… the main difference is that the flu is caused by different types of viruses than the common cold.  Flu symptoms are usually much worse than cold symptoms, and they appear suddenly. The most common flu symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, head and body aches. Colds are usually associated with a sore throat and runny nose. And cold symptoms usually appear gradually…

About a week ago I caught a cold. Now I know it was  a cold (not flu). My husband was away on a business trip. So I wasn’t expecting any chicken soup. And  I had to remember some Russian home remedies for colds.

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My life is a steeplechase

Today I drank coffee in the morning and thought of my life. Yesterday once again there was this feeling. I don’t like it; I try not to even think about it. But it comes. It comes with understanding, that I’m a stranger here.

It happens although I try hard to get accustomed. I try to quickly master the American lifestyle, traditions, everyday life, communication, culture. I’m in a hurry to understand everything that Americans learn throughout their lives. I try to learn everything the sooner the better.

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