Tomsk on the map

and in photos

There are three things you can look at forever: fire, water and women’s parking. If you see me parking, you can even laugh, and I don’t mind. People say that laughter prolongs life.

Maps International designed by Lovell Johns Limited

However, I have something to add to this list – a map, and preferably a large map.

I’ve been honest with you, I’ve said a few times that I don’t know geography. I don’t know what it was: a way it was taught to us, or i didn’t see an opportunity to use the knowledge. I had a good grade, but didn’t know much.

Now the world has changed. I’ve met people from different countries. We are getting news from different places. I became curious about geography.

I mentioned to my husband a few times that I wanted to have a big, no, huge map and … Daniel bought it! I have to tell you, both my husband and the map are so cool!

But you have to be careful, well, I have to be careful – viewing the map can be time consuming. 

Another day I saw Tomsk on the map (when I was just passing by)), then my gaze shifted to Novosibirsk, and then… I ended up in the Aleutian Islands. 

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Женщина и ее собака

20 августа, 178 день войны

Женщина и ее собака вышли на улицу, перешли через дорогу, повернули налево и слились с трафиком.

Перекресток, светофор, команда wait, потом lets go. Надеюсь, что собака уже понимает значение этих слов.

Следующий перекресток, без светофора. И опять команда “wait!” и “let’s go!”.

Сумерки сгущаются быстро. Улицы освещены по русским меркам слабо. Водители практически не видят ни женщину, ни собаку. А те кто видят, не обращают на них внимание. В бесформенных штанах и мужниной клетчатой рубашки женщина выглядит очень “local” (местный, здешний).  

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Evening notes, 5

The best is yet to come

-I don’t like to tell people that I am from Russia – I. 

-Tell them that you’re from Moldova  – said Elena – Hardly anybody knows where it is.

There are three categories of reaction to the answer: Moldova – she continued:

  1. Moldova? – they honestly don’t know where it is. 🤷‍♀️
  2. A-a, Moldova – they pretend that they DO know.
  3. Oh, yes, yes – Maldivi! 

The world is made of paradoxes*.

At the time when I don’t even want to sound Russian, Steven Seagal says he is Russian, Russia is his home. He got Russian citizenship in 2016. The same year when Serbia too granted its citizenship to him. 

Well, to each his own.

The Moscow Times reports that more than 3.8 million Russians have left the country in the first three months of 2022, according to data from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

4184 people left the Tomsk region – Tomsk telegram channel “Tomsk 1604” says. 

Unfortunately all my family is still there. They are not as rich and popular as Steven Seagal. And  I worry about them every day. 

I just hope everything will be fine and soon. 

* Paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

The advantage of walking an uncomfortable dog

Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.

Carl Sagan

Those who know me know that I have been living in this country for almost nine years. And all these years I have a few feelings that I carry on. 

One of them is the admiration of coziness. 

It comes to me suddenly, at different times and occasions, but sharp and clear. 

Sometimes my cute “uncomfortable” dog Crackle causes this feeling to appear. 

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When age doesn’t mean wisdom

Crackle was barking as he watched me leaving a car. He always does it when he sees me leaving the car or coming back. 

I ran into the store to grab a couple of things that they didn’t have on the shelves earlier this morning. 

I knew Crackle was going to be fine. I left the car windows slightly open for him. And  it was unusually cold for summer. But anyway, I was fast. I had only two items in my basket when I approached the cashier. All of the sudden, the woman behind me asked: “Let me pay for your groceries”. 

-What? Why?

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Announcement of evening notes

Once upon a time in another life (in another country and with another husband) I watched the TV series “Sex and the City”.

For some reason, I remember the moment when Carrie Bradshaw, sitting in her New York apartment in the evening, types an article on her computer, then closes her laptop and goes to bed.

Of course, we know that she was a columnist in some fashion magazine, and her articles were about relationships and sex. She had plenty of ideas for the topics from personal experience, her own and her friends.  

I also periodically have a desire to write short posts in the evenings.

But WHO am I and WHO is Carrie?

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Декабрь, белки

В пятницу тысячи американских детей не пошли в школу. Их родители не пустили. А причина всему сошиал медиа, а точнее тик-ток. 

Полицейские совместно с официальными лицами школ по всей стране сообщили родителям о публикациях тик-ток, в которых утверждалось, что в пятницу, 17 декабря, состоится стрельба в школе без указания места. В связи с этим ожидалось большое количество полицейских в школах и вокруг них. 

Меняются времена, меняются способы избежания контрольных. Раньше дети звонили и сообщали о заложенных в школах бомбах, сейчас достаточно завести себе аккаунт на тик-ток. 

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Американские хроники, ноябрь.

Суббота. Вечер. Погода – летающие стулья. А ведь всего пару часов назад (на работе) я думала о том, что надо бы помыть окна…опять…в который раз этой осенью. Но в такую погоду это бессмысленно. 

На самом деле на погоду грех жаловаться: тепло, конечно же дождливо, ветренно, но тепло. Иней видели только два раза. Пока, два раза. 

-Но тепло не только в Нью Бедфорде. Дэниел вычитал в интернете, что таяние вечной мерзлоты вызывает взрывы подземных скоплений природного газа на Ямальском полуострове и других регионах на северо-западе Сибири. Вследствие чего образуются огромные кратеры*. 

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About Saint Petersburg

I finally finished working on my third talk show. Everything was planned to happen a month ago. But man assumes, and God disposes.

The guest of my show was Marina, a tour guide in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Young, beautiful, smart, purposeful. And brave, because only brave people agree to talk to me. Marina found the time for me. And it must have been difficult-between work, school, household chores and taking care of a 4 y.o. daughter. I thank her.

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