About books

I just finished reading a book, of course a mystery, about the library in the small town “Hitting the books” by Jenn Mckinlay.

It felt like they were writing about us: crafternoon group (although we craft in the morning), book club, some (favorite in the book) visitors were falling asleep reading newspapers. “The manager wouldn’t kick them awake until someone complained or the snoring got too loud”. 

When I finished this one, I promised myself to focus on the second book, which I checked out. Also a mystery. Not about the library, just written in the year of my birth. 

Maybe I will write about it later…when I finish reading it or if I finish reading. 

Yesterday at work, and I work in the library, I saw a book “The secret, book & scone society” by Ellery Adams… a mystery ( no surprises)  about a bookstore. Here ‘s what I read:

“Stories don’t change much across continents and centuries. Hearts are broken. Pride is wounded. Souls wander too far from home and become lost. The wrong roads are taken. The incorrect choice is made. Stories echo with loneliness. Grief. Longing. Redemption. Forgiveness. Hope. And love”*. 

All these different stories described in books can help people if they know what to read and when.

And it’s only page 4!

I literally force myself to put the book aside and do housework and hobbies.

I need to redo the sleeves of the sweater I’m knitting, sew together the rabbit’s head, ears, and body, and make a face. I want to finish the second rug for the bathroom set and put it under the mattress to straighten up. On Monday, I need to make several calls, and after all, no one canceled the work.

God help me! I gonna need it.

* quote from the book.

Announcement of evening notes

Once upon a time in another life (in another country and with another husband) I watched the TV series “Sex and the City”.

For some reason, I remember the moment when Carrie Bradshaw, sitting in her New York apartment in the evening, types an article on her computer, then closes her laptop and goes to bed.

Of course, we know that she was a columnist in some fashion magazine, and her articles were about relationships and sex. She had plenty of ideas for the topics from personal experience, her own and her friends.  

I also periodically have a desire to write short posts in the evenings.

But WHO am I and WHO is Carrie?

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Sunday thoughts

-The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing, – I reassured myself when I estimated the amount of work.

Daniel and I had planned to change the fence post today.

We put up this fence in 2015, when we adopted Crackle*. We didn’t do it ourselves. We hired people from the store where we bought this fence.

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Sunday earthquake in New Bedford

Everything in our life happens for the first time. On Sunday morning, Daniel experienced an earthquake for the first time.

It was something.. We were sitting on the couch, petting the dog. Our dog, Crackle, doesn’t know or forgets that he is a dog, and often demands to be petted like a cat. Here we are sitting on the couch, the Crackle’s front legs are also on the couch. He makes funny sounds, probably meaning non-stop petting. 

And suddenly the house began to shake, the walls, the floor, the sofa with us on it. Somewhere something rattled. It only lasted a few seconds, but seemed as forever. We froze in shock, and so did our brains.

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Воскресное землетрясение в Нью Бедфорде

Все в нашей жизни случается в первый раз. В воскресенье утром Дэниел впервые испытал землетрясение.

Это было что-то.. Сидим на диване, гладим собаку. Наша собака не знает или забывает, что он пес, и часто требует, чтоб его гладили, как кота. Вот сидим мы на диване, пес передними ногами тоже на диване и издает звуки, такие мурлычаще-требующие,чтоб его гладили нон-стоп.

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Здравствуй, осень

Здравствуй осень, я скучала.

-Что ты вяжешь?- спросил Дэниел.

-Хочу связать свитер – ответила я.

-Зачем тебе свитер? Ведь послезавтра лето- недоумевая (впрочем как обычно) муж.

-Нууу, у меня на работе холодно летом из-за кондиционеров, вот я и готовлюсь к лету,- я.

Врала. На самом деле я начинаю скучать по осени весной.

Вот не сложилось у меня с летом. Правда. С самого детства.

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This is not an ad or a review. This is what has accumulated over five weeks of hot summer and home renovation work.

With bright eyes and joy in his voice, Daniel announced that a solution for the design of the front door was found. 

 -You can’t  imagine! I didn’t know what they could do!

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Маунт-Рашмор мемориал

Несколько дней тому назад в местных СМИ появилась информация о том, что Президент Трамп мечтает добавить свой профиль к национальному мемориалу Маунт-Рашмор.

В воскресенье (8/8/20) он опроверг сообщение New York Times о том, что помощник Белого дома спросил губернатора Южной Дакоты о том, как добавить еще одного президента в Маунт-Рашмор. 

” Это фальшивые новости”, – написал Трамп в твиттере The Times report. “Никогда не предлагал этого, хотя, основываясь на всех многих вещах, достигнутых в течение первых 3 1/2 лет, звучит как хорошая идея для меня!” 

Photo by ducken99, pixabay.com

Трамп уже давно говорил, что его профиль должен быть добавлен к горе Рашмор, хотя на публике он обычно настаивал, что шутит.

Конечно я встречала фотографии этого мемориала, но не знала подробностей. Пришлось почитать Википедию и Гугл. Если интересно, читаем дальше.

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Long-term construction in American style

Sunday night.  Daniel and I sat on a breezeway. We were sad. His brother, Claude, with wife, Charlene, had just left. A simple dinner with them was the highlight of 2020 for us.

We sat and looked at our own strange yard. The grass is scorched by the sun and trampled by 10,000 steps of 3-5 contractors a day. Next to the hedge is a dump of ladders and stepladders covered with plastic. Not far from it is another pile of boxes with  shingles, also covered with plastic. In front of the house, the view is not more beautiful. 

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Его неидеальная жена

Раньше я думала что в блог надо писать только посты о своих успехах, позитивные или хотя бы смешные.

Но как придумать что-то весело-позитивное, если меня мучает чувство вины?

Я всегда чувствую себя виноватой, когда Дэн должен идти на работу, а я остаюсь дома. Я думаю, что должна больше зарабатывать, больше работы выполнять по дому, и вообще, что он заслуживает … американскую жену.

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