Different vs Unusual

-I cannot wait until the contractors finish the job, – Daniel.

-Let’s face it. You created such an unusual design. It took them forever even to start.

-Well, yes…no. I would call it different, – disagreed Daniel and continued his breakfast.

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Changing with the times

…None of us will ever be the way we once were

-We won’t water the grass this summer,-  Daniel said.


You probably wonder why we won’t or why we watered it?

It all began 6 years ago when we started gardening. We set up vegetable gardens in the backyard and arranged several flower beds in front of the house. I understood the need for watering. But I couldn’t understand why we needed to water the grass. This was nonsense.

Nevertheless, I did not argue with my husband – the local climate and customs were a mystery to me. In the hottest season (July), we watered everything: vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, lawn, and even some trees. 

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Коронавирусное лето 2020-2

4 июля американцы отмечают День Независимости – федеральный праздник, посвященный провозглашению независимости Соединенных Штатов Америки.

А начиная с понедельника (6 июля) Массачусетс вступает в 3 фазу постепенного re-opening. 

Губернатор Бейкер заявил, что фаза 3 продлится дольше, чем предыдущие. А четвертая, последняя, фаза не начнется до тех пор, пока не будет доступно лечение или вакцина против КОВИД-19.  

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About age without sadness

I always looked younger than my age. Thanks to my parents.

For the first 25 years of my life, I didn’t think about numbers of my age. There were times when I shocked people with my real age.

When I turned 30, I didn’t like the age figures anymore. I tried to erase them from my memory. I rarely thought about them – on my birthdays or at a doctor’s appointments.

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Favorite quotes

I like making notes, you know that. 

I also like collecting quotes. Now I found a good place where to keep them – my blog. 

Here are some of them. 

Charles de Gaulle (Former President of France)

Always choose the most difficult way, there you will not meet competitors.

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Ten things that make me happy

In these difficult times, we have to adapt to new realities. Someone does not go out for weeks, someone walks every day, someone still goes to work, someone helps friends and neighbors, and someone does not believe that this is all serious. We do everything as we see fit. I really appreciate the work of the first responders and wish them all the best. But I am a little bit overwhelmed with these coronavirus’ news. 

Today I took a break from making masks for frontline people.

Here we go, 

10 things that make me happy. 
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“Страшные” истории про Америку. Смородина.

В нашу первую весну вместе мы с Дэном занялись посадкой сада-огорода. Мы купили яблоню и кусты черники. Ежевика была уже посажена к моему приезду. Я ждала с нетерпением, когда же поспеют ягоды на этих кустах. Никогда в жизни не ела ежевики, да и черника, растущая на кусте, была в диковинку. 

Но время летит незаметно. Через пару лет я привыкла к наличию этих ягод на огороде и начала скучать по смородине. Казалось бы, чего проще – купи куст и посади у себя на участке. Но в местных теплицах смородины не было в наличии. Я скажу больше, очень мало американцев знают, что это такое. 

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Freedom and forced freedom

In the light of recent events, more and more people are facing restrictions on their freedom (freedom of movement mostly).

Presently I’m  experiencing the  freedom from work (staying at home). It started yesterday, and nobody knows how long it will last. But I have a freedom of choices: I can communicate with my husband (before he leaves for work), exercise, read, clean my house, knit, cook, go for a walk with a dog or alone, just don’t go to public places and meet with friends in person.

Can we call it freedom though? There is no correct answer, everyone decides for him(her)self.

“I am not going to worry about things I can’t control”,  I hear that from my husband every now and then. It always calms me down. Right now I only need to accept the situation and enjoy this forced freedom from work.

But what do you think about freedom in general? What is freedom  for you? Are you free?

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Заблудившаяся в Бостоне

Гуляла вчера по Бостону и думала, это Дэн во всем виноват. Он разбудил во мне лягушку – путешественницу. И теперь периодически меня куда-то несет.  Моя мама в таких случаях говорила: “Домовой тебя не любит”.

Я очень люблю Бостон. Езжу туда чаще всего спонтанно и поэтому в одиночестве. Здорово, когда нет конкретного повода, когда просто садишься в автобус, едешь, гуляешь в толпе людей и притворяешься туристом, а потом возвращаешься домой. 

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